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  1. FatBeef

    What scam have you fallen for?

    "Here hold this" Guy walks away Fuck.
  2. FatBeef

    What's the worst server admin you have ever seen?

    Agreed. EDIT: In a serious response, my brother and I used to go on Minecraft servers and pitch this plugin that did the exact same function as NoCheat, but when you typed like /noty42 or some shit like that it OP'd the player that typed it
  3. Jesus Christ, that chin is beyond magnificent.
  4. FatBeef

    The Names Xbox.

    There was/is an AVO member named "CrazyPS3Gamer." I believe that's the reference.
  5. This is the happiest thread I've seen on here.
  6. When I first joined I was a fat 14 year old gamer. Now I'm a little-less fat 15 year old football player. Go figure.
  7. Yeah I definitely agree with that. I have family that lives about 30 minutes out in the suburbs though, and they're right-wing. All depends on where you go.
  8. Why's San Fran so bad?
  9. FatBeef

    Help me name my hamster

    I don't know why, but I'm actually drawn to the name Foster.
  10. FatBeef

    Help me name my hamster

  11. I think it's pretty fun. Good optimization for a beta. Anybody else?
  12. I don't know what it is, but I like the gems in the photo.
  13. I like the bespoke suit on your avatar.
  14. What a loss. Seriously, this is pretty sad.