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  1. Jenfrei

    r/teamavo A Message To Avo

    How fucking neat is that, I don't regret one bit my subscription to krikillas blog.
  2. Jenfrei

    How is everyone doing today?

    Bad, I died thanks though.
  3. Jenfrei

    Avolition Videos

  4. Jenfrei


    Thank you matey.
  5. Jenfrei


    Gracias Senor
  6. Jenfrei


    I play about everything to be honest, about 2 years ago I use to play quake all the time but I kinda slowed down. Outside of gaming though im trying to get into coding and parkour.
  7. Jenfrei

    Minecraft Vanilla Servers

  8. Jenfrei

    Team Speak 3 Trolling

    Use to do this about 3 years ago, except it was ventrillo not team speak. Good times.
  9. Jenfrei


    Been lurking without an account since late 2012, thought I'd just make one. Even though the forums aren't as active there's still some chill people here so why not. I play shitty games like hearthstone and league. Anyway, it'd be nice to get to know the people that are still here because currently I don't have friends FeelsBadMan. Well I guess that does it, Urdu Blood God Represent.