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  1. Haizuz


    He died of Aids
  2. Haizuz

    Forum count 1-20

    I don't know how successful this will be but... Forum count from 1 to 20, go! 1!
  3. Haizuz

    Classic rock bands?

    I've been listening to basically only Classic Rock for about a year now and I can't really find any good bands anymore. Does anyone have any good bands to suggest? I also listen to Alternative Rock and Heavy Metal (All classic, none of the new shit.)
  4. Haizuz

    Let's talk guns

    Do you know the definition of a criminal? In short, they don't give a shit about the law. What's the difference if guns are illegal or not. So fucking what they're harder to get. the WILL find a way. No matter what, There WILL be crimes involving guns. And if not, knives will take the place of firearms and I'd much rather get shot in the head than get FUCKING STABBED TO DEATH.