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    where's the transgender option??
  1. iOmegaSoap


    i am sorry how i acted. i am sorry if i did anything. please forgive me.................................
  2. iOmegaSoap


  3. iOmegaSoap

    Describe a famous person in three words...

    1: adolf hitler 2: Doge (idk tbh) 3: colonel sanders (You lmfao)
  4. iOmegaSoap

    My New Hacker Friends!

    ... Kool
  5. iOmegaSoap

    Outgrand RP News: Story Coming?

    A story is in the making... It's going to come from the first Outgrand RP post. if you never seen the forum post here is the link. http://www.teamavoli...44-outgrand-rp/ After this post the first Outgrand RP is going to be canceled and i won't add anything else for the story. And when I am done with the story for Outgrand RP I will release it. After the story is done, should we make another Outgrand RP?
  6. iOmegaSoap

    Outgrand RP

    Bonzi Buddy: *Jerks Off In Corner* / Gym
  7. iOmegaSoap

    Outgrand RP

    This Roleplay's Topic Is About School And Has To Be Real. You Will Have To Make Up A Character And It Could Be A Student, Teacher, Principal, Cop, And A Coach (For Gym). Make Sure Your Character Has A Name. The Story Of The Roleplay Is Made Up By You Guys. Rules In This Roleplay 1: Use Common Sense (Can Be Funny But Mostly Serious) 2: When You Talk In The RP Make Sure You Make Sense 3: Don't Post Random Stuff In This Topic/RP How To Talk In This Roleplay (Name Of RP Character): (Sentence Of What Your Character Is Saying) / (Location Of Where You Character Is) Example: Jacob: Hi How Are You? / Gym
  8. iOmegaSoap

    Straw Poll Game...

    I am starting a Straw Poll about What Minecraft Troller/Griefer Is The Best. (Link to the Straw Poll): http://strawpoll.me/5477674/r
  9. iOmegaSoap

    Old Times

    Have you guys ever missed the good old times of minecraft or halo 3. Yea I played those games, I first got Minecraft While back in 1.7.3 beta. Because of this channel called BlueXephos (The Yogscast) And I remember all the good times and long lost friends I had on that game. And Halo 3 had a major impact in my life. If it wasn't for halo 3, I wouldn't be here right now. but i remember all the mini-games on there like teacher, cops and robbers, ride or die, jenga, And Ghostbusters. GOOD TIMESSSSSSS
  10. ■ Team Avolition haven't been active in 9 months. And I was wondering why they haven't been active or uploading YouTube Videos Anymore. Because 200,000 Fans Of Team Avolition want more videos of them griefing and trolling. - iOmegaSoap