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  1. Earliestdog

    Team Avolition Halo Server

    Will play once I get my new computer :P
  2. Earliestdog

    What Happened To Minecraft?

    What do you mean? What he said was easy to understand.
  3. Earliestdog

    What Happened To Minecraft?

    Your profile pic fits very well.
  4. Earliestdog

    What Happened To Minecraft?

    I'm pretty sure everybody's noticed this by now but Minecraft is dead. It's riddled with autism and screaming little kids who have claimed to have sexual intercourse with your mother, and YouTube is filled to the brim with "original" Minecraft YouTube channels where they attempt to be quirky and XDDDD so funny!11 And any sane people who've played Minecraft have packed their bags and left. Where did it go wrong?
  5. Earliestdog


  6. Earliestdog

    Cringe thread.

    Thanks lad
  7. Earliestdog

    You Cringe You Lose

    http://m.imgur.com/7BuZF4C http://m.imgur.com/7BuZF4C Ayy lmao
  8. Earliestdog

    Cringe thread.

    Fuck, still new to the site, thought attaching an image would work.
  9. Earliestdog

    Cringe thread.

    Cringe thread.
  10. Earliestdog

    You Laugh, You Lose. Round V

  11. Earliestdog

    Newfag here.

    So.....I've heard about this website from AVO's YouTube Channel, don't know why if's taken me so long to make an account but I'm here now, that's about it.