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  1. honuchu


    Welcome!! Glad to have you here. What kind of computer thingz do you do?
  2. honuchu

    Let's Talk Relationships (Semi NSFW?)

    Piggybacking off of majesty, many countries with arranged marriages often have interviews and screenings. These can be just between the potential brides/grooms or with the entire family. One of the most important things during these interviews is the resume swap; both parties will go over the other's job and economic standing. Having the financial side of things squared away is another huge factor in keeping marriages stable in arranged marriages. While marriage in the US is mostly based on love, many fail to financially prepare to enter such union. The financial strain is extremely volatile on any relationship, and while it isn't the most notable factor of divorce, it can often lead to it. More polar to arranged marriages, many people in the US don't factor in their partner's financial status--love is the most important thing, right? Loving someone is a choice, and over an extended period of time it definitely is an active effort to maintain. It's not that they're any harder to love, it's just that things are less spontaneous and new. You can still very much enjoy your time around them, but life happens around you as well and many things you once thought were attractive in your partner can turn into tiring or burdensome. As hard as attachment makes it, people have their own right to leave because they feel as if they and their partner aren't on the same wavelength. Investment is a big thing for me, as I have trouble making things solely about me or even sometimes not allowing enough space. "You do you" speaks to me a lot; I forget that we can be off doing our own things and still reconvene some time later and love just as much. Uni and work threw me for a loop in time management, but being in a supportive relationship really taught me that I can focus on myself and still be loved. As a general rule when it comes to any relationship, I try and stick to not speaking out of anger and not making decisions when sad. Those don't always work out but it's important to remember that communication is key.
  3. honuchu

    Pokemon Go

    I live in a pretty populated area, so there's a lot to do around town in terms of PokeStops! My non-gaming friends got super into it and that's really what got me into the game; it's super nice being able to go out with them and them wanting to learn about Pokemon and stuff. I'm getting back into the swing of competitive Pokemon (VGC/Smogon) as well, and GO was a nice addition to how I feel about the franchise. There isn't much to the game but I'm mainly in it for the social aspect that's going on from the launch. I just hit level 14, but my party's pretty much the same from this morning at level 11 aside from the 727 Rapidash. I picked Team Instinct not knowing just how terrible being the underdog would be, and am having a bit of trouble talking to people because of it. I was at a park in the evening and had two different groups walk away from me because they were Valor/Mystic. I did end up meeting one guy who has only been playing since Sunday and I helped him beat a gym. He got to put his Machamp up there and screenshotted it to show it to his friends. He was a grown man but was about as excited as the young kids in the park and it was really nice to see; hopefully he shows up there more often. Currently holding onto a Lucky Egg and 9 Pidgeys that can be evolved until I catch enough Bulbasaur to evolve the one in the screenshot. I got lucky and hatched that one as is without any power ups. I have some friends out of state who are already 20+ and I feel really motivated to go outside and walk to catch up to them. I'm making pretty good pace this week and average six miles a day (up from zero) and I'm feeling pretty satisfied! Unfortunately I don't have IRL friends who are as invested, so going out with people that I know is pretty difficult. Fingers crossed the strangers later will be more accepting.
  4. honuchu

    How to get a job?

    If you're able to drop your resume off at locations in person and follow up within a week later, you can up your chances a whole lot. Drop by a lot of places--go door to door to places checking to see if they are hiring and be ready to ask for an application/drop your resume. I'm not sure about what exactly to put on your resume, as my resume is tailored to IT and video stuff. You're welcome to DM me a copy for formatting if you're really desperate, as I'm not by any means some expert at creating resumes. You may feel like you haven't done a lot in high school but if there's ANYTHING at all that you can write, stick to it. Starting up the sound system at my high school's football stadium and plugging in the quarterback's phone to play music during practices turned into "Stadium Audio Engineer" for me. Congrats on graduating. Best of luck to you!
  5. honuchu

    Greetings! .w.

    ^Adding onto that, what is your favorite genre of game to play? I've really fallen in love with action RPGs lately but still find myself playing action/speedrun games or fighting games all the time.
  6. honuchu

    Greetings! .w.

    Welcome to the forums! Avolition's been inactive for a while, but some members and a lot of old fans still hang around here. You'll be in (semi-)good hands here! What other things are you interested in? I saw the Homestuck sig and got hit with a wave of nostalgia; I can't believe it's finally over LOL
  7. honuchu


    What a concise introduction. I'm now also worried about all that glue. But welcome to the forums!
  8. honuchu

    aVo | Poetry

    knock knock Stop not posting poems We posted the rules and you know 'em If you give a shit about people being mean Might as well cut off your e-peen Shitty memes won't make it through The test of time as poems do Now shut up and try to rhyme So I can upvote your post next time
  9. honuchu

    aVo | Poetry

    Global Mod Niiyu's a catgirl Because she's a total weeb She's this forum's pearl
  10. honuchu

    aVo | Poetry

    (I DON'T KNOW MUCH ABOUT REVAN SO HAVE A BAD ACROSTIC) Really don't know this guy Except from his posts, Very many at that, Asking for advice on growing up Nearly perfect thread participation On the contrary, No one else is looking to pick fights Every time I open up the shoutbox Oh dear, I think to myself Not more hollow insults! Edgy memers keep me away from the forums Fear not, I've figured out a way to Overcome my negative impressions: Unite the forums with Rhymes!
  11. honuchu

    aVo | Poetry

    @Warchamp7 Why won't Warchamp follow me on Twitter He hasn't been on the forums for a while And his absence makes me quite bitter Seeing that notification would make me smile But I can tell by his feed he has so much to do He's so busy with Smashboards Plus there's Squidboards too I get to see when Bernie sets records And Warchamp's comments on the human psyche Oh, can't forget about all the sushi There are plenty of things! His Media isn't so tidy, But my favorite thing to see on my TL is Lexx (he is quite the beauty!) - honuchu
  12. honuchu

    aVo | Poetry

    haterade motor co. I try to tell the tales of old Some (like revan) might think this is bold But how can you get very far If you don't remember who you are? There may be a shitpost or two But it's Avolition, what's new? So please try and only post poetry About aVo memories we can remember (kindly). Title by asmcint | Poetry by honuchu
  13. honuchu

    aVo | Poetry

    Post yours here. Preferably about anything pertaining to the community, but in the end it's really what you can be creatively driven by. This one's called: Storm Didn't Fucking Die Ya Bozos Storm Didn't Fucking Die Ya Bozos Let me tell you about Phil Johnson At one point I really wanted his johnson Cruising in his Reliant Robin Not knowing he was gonna take a fallin' Bad luck had struck Storm_Surge The driver next to him didn't signal to merge And so he lay there on his side With nowhere to run and nowhere to hide "Hide!" he thought, and got on his feet Then called whom he wanted to meet Who in this world had he really missed? Without a doubt it was Krysk. (Since Niiyu was out being an adult Storm was filled with a bit of salt) Between Krysk and Storm, a story was made Which put the forum in dismay And all the newbies still believe it The rest of them? They know this has gone to shit The latter half of this was a joke Storm really died, that poor bloke Sorry if this made you wince I just wanted to say: Goodnight, Sweet Prince. - honuchu
  14. honuchu

    How do you take your coffee/caffeine?

    I get headaches when I have too much caffeine, and when I mean "too much" I mean not much at all. I stick to herbal teas and green teas mostly; dragonfruit tea and honey green tea are probably my favorites to drink at all times. Honey black tea happens in the mornings when I need something hot.
  15. honuchu

    Embarrassing Childhood Stories

    I've been waking up from a lot of bad dreams over the past week, so I'm gonna try to break the cycle by talking about something lighthearted...and idiotic before I go to sleep. Bottom of the post has TL;DR if y'all aren't interested in sleep-deprived honuchu trying to recount just how stupid he used to be. I refused to pee in the school restrooms after my best friend got pushed into a urinal all the way back in first grade. As a result, I got pretty good at holding it for stupid long periods of time, even at a young age. I'd always be sure to tell the first person I saw after taking that sweet, sweet leak (regarding sensation, not taste) just how long I had held it for that day. I was so proud of my feat (and afraid of school urinals) that I actually didn't use a restroom at any of my schools until my sophomore year in high school (I just took a piss before the ten minute commute to school and barely drank water during class). The only time I can remember ever regretting not going was one rainy day in the second grade. This happened in March or April, on a rainy day. Spring was well under way, and everyone in my class were starting to realize that the other gender was not as repulsive as they had thought. It was a weird time for all us boys, I remember. No one could understand the foreign language that was "girl". However, there happened to be one girl that spoke my language--competitiveness. We would always race to see who could complete a project first, or who could clean up our table group's mess after our art projects. There was never a clear "better" person; we went pretty much 50/50 considering we turned almost anything into a contest. Now, I used to be a fucking asshole when I won things--as most seven year-old boys were. I would tease her about my superiority any chance I could get. After almost a whole school year of this back and forth teasing and competing, she got fed up with my gloating and said to me, "Why do you tease me so much, do you like me or something?!??!?" My world stopped for a moment. Me? Liking a girl? My world turned upside-down. I spent the rest of that day trying to figure out what was going on. I remember a sort of existential crisis going on within my tiny, juvenile brain as we were cooped up in the classroom during recess because of the rain. I came to the conclusion that yes, I did like this girl, "and I wasn't going to be a chicken about it." I decided that I was going to tell her the truth when class ended that day. Admittedly, I was incredibly nervous and didn't notice the anxiety was making me want to pee more than I usually did. The bell rang, and as we approached each other she got out the first words, "Uh, I didn't bring an umbrella today. Can I share yours while I wait for my mom to pick me up?" It was at this point when I realized just how badly I needed to piss. I complied, and we walked out to the little pickup zone for parents. The entire time, I could feel my legs shivering, part from the cold and part from the sheer need to urinate. We were silent, and I tried to muster up the courage to tell her that I liked her. No dice; just the thought of her knowing made me want to pee even more. That's when the sound of rain started to invade my mind. I couldn't stop thinking about it, and it only got louder and louder. I convinced myself that the soiling of my jeans was inevitable, but possibly unnoticed due to my clothes already being pretty wet from the wind and rain. So, I did what all second graders would do: I peed my pants right then and there. In the rain, next to my crush of one day, under my umbrella. How romantic. It was probably the best piss I've taken in my life, though. The relief that happened as soon as I started emptying the tank was insane. I never want to take a piss like that again, but oh man am I glad that it happened. I felt like I could breathe right after that piss, except for the fact that I couldn't because I had just pissed my pants next to my friend that was now also my crush. Her mom showed up not too long after and she gave me an abrupt "thank you" for sharing the umbrella and she was on her way. Although I didn't speak "girl", I knew that she knew that I liked her. And that she didn't like me back. I got in my mom's car later with a warm face and even warmer legs, and have never forgotten how terrible it all felt. She also never really talked to me the same ever again, and we stopped competing. I don't think she realized I had pissed my pants that day; everyone's clothes were already super damp from the rain. Regardless, she ended up moving houses and subsequently moving to a school across the city at the end of the school year. We were at the same high school but I never bothered to look for her or talk to her ever again. The worst part, I think, is that the only thing I took away from that for a long time after that was, "learn to hold your pee for longer, stupid." And the best part? I did. TL;DR: Developed a crush, she found out, pissed my pants while standing next to her that day, never talked to her again. Also started down the path to an iron bladder. Just as a note, I did still wash my hands in school restrooms, I just never went to the toilets at all. It also didn't help that I walked in on a couple getting to second base in front of the hand dryer when I was in the sixth grade. Even to this day, I still hesitate a bit before opening public bathroom doors and I always look behind me before starting my piss at public urinals. So, that's one of my many stupid childhood stories that I will probably still enjoy telling years from now. I might edit this in the morning when I'm feeling more functional, but I'm mainly looking forward to you guys sharing your own embarrassing stories. I'll probably post another sometime soon--I have a whole lot of dumb shit from my childhood. Thanks for reading!