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  1. GhostyToasty

    Did AllNaturalX eventually help Avo grief?

    Thanks for the reply, Krysk. Appreciate it. A video would be good, but it's like whatever. You guys are busy people, and I understand that 100% Updating is just tough sometimes to juggle between jobs and such. Eventually = Never of course, but it's the thought that counts.
  2. GhostyToasty

    Did AllNaturalX eventually help Avo grief?

    Thanks for the reply. I do remember Dell doing something with griefing a boat, and then Crazyps3 was on Doridian Part 1 Alright, thanks. I always thought he was persuaded to (just like Dell and PS3.) Yeah, it's pretty relevant. Apologies if this is formatted really shitty by the time I post this. I don't use forums much. EDIT: Format is good
  3. GhostyToasty

    Did AllNaturalX eventually help Avo grief?

    Dumb question, but I noticed AllNatural was credited in a few griefs at the end of one or two videos. Was this a joke or did he actually contribute? This seems weird considering he was the owner of Nerd.nu Thanks
  4. GhostyToasty

    If you were a food, what food would you most likely be?

    Damn, man.... At least you'd taste good. (no insert lenny face)
  5. Very stupid question, but why not? It's late, and I'm tired. I'm probably toast.
  6. Thanks for the response. The issues had only started last week, and I believe that's when I started seeing/hearing workers downstairs. (Saw them walk through the door/heard hammer noises.) In terms of bandwidth being shared with the area, I have a friend who lives two houses down. As far as I know, he's had perfect connection all week. I ended up having issues with downtimes today. (three times) but there were no workers downstairs today. (May have missed them, I was gone from 6 AM to 12 PM this morning.) The downtimes (3/1/16) are as follows 1:17 PM 5:09 PM 5:20 PM No workers were working/downstairs at the time of these occurrences. (Two of these downtimes happened within the hour of me posting this.) Ironically, my parents had setup with a Comcast member to arrive and sort out things, but they cancelled it last weekend because they thought everything was working fine again... (I'm a minor, can't set things up.) I'll have to have them setup another arrival to help fix this issue. I'm wondering if it's the modem/router, and that the lack of downtimes last weekend was an odd coincidence.
  7. Hello, You guys may immediately think I should post this in my ISP's forums, but they're not much help. This is quite an interesting occurrence, that I feel needs a legitimate answer. My ISP is Comcast/Xfinity. I've been having constant downtimes for the past week, but not this/last weekend... I believe I know why this is happening. I live in a condo sort of building, there's 4 homes in this condo building. There's mine, and 3 neighbors. (I'm in an upstairs home of the condo, you'll see why this applies in a moment.) The previous renters downstairs had moved out, and the owner of that home within the condo building I reside in, has been doing various changes in the downstairs home/area of the building that he owns. He has various people coming in and out of his home/area of the building constantly throughout the week, but only on weekdays. I feel that they might be doing something with the way this specific building receives internet, and this is why I think my home has been having issues with connection. Note: I had perfect connection last weekend from 2/27/16 to 2/28/16. This is Saturday and Sunday, which makes it unreasonable for the workers to be working downstairs. Therefore, it adds to my conclusion that they could be working through how the building uses connections? I'm not the most well-informed on how routers, modems, home connections work. However, my home/area of the building has it's own modem/router (There were made into the same box for some reason.) that posseses two networks for my use. (2ghz network and a 5ghz one.) I also have timestamps(If that's what to call it) of when I had downtimes today on 2/29/16. The constant internet downtimes are troublesome to me because, I enroll in online education. Therefore, it's integral that I have internet during the weekdays. Note: The following times were today (2/29/16), and are in Eastern Standard Time (EST) I will edit this main post to add any further downtimes that occur today. 1:50 PM 2:16 PM I'm able to get the networks back up and running again after downtimes, but only after replugging my modem/router combination. Were my conclusions reasonable? If not, is there a possible issue that I missed and can fix? Is there anything I can do about it? I hadn't had this problem until the workers had started working on the downstairs home/area of the condo building. Any advice is appreciated. Apologies if I entered this in the wrong section of the forum, or if this is even allowed on the forum. Thanks.
  8. GhostyToasty

    Hello, I am GhostyToasty

    Thanks, I appreciate the welcome. I will try to keep the crumbs off the table.