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  1. Keit1h

    spacing, which do you prefer of these two?

    personally i go with the 2nd one, because i hate looking at super long lines of code with a fuckton of spaces. yeah with a piece of code like that it's not so bad, but as soon as you get long lines of code it's just a huge fucking eyesore. either way, unless you're like 70 years old and can't see for shit then the extra spaces are pointless.
  2. Keit1h

    Ask me anything about my service

    but you forget; allah guides their bullets to the enemy
  3. Keit1h

    Ask me anything about my service

    Pretty dumb that they don't even fit your rifle with a noobtube; the most overpowered piece of infantry equipment in warfare. You're already at a disadvantage. If everyone hasn't wished you luck already, then they definitely should now.
  4. Keit1h

    how 2 drive

    get some small ass car like a toyota corolla. Smaller cars are wayy easier to park.
  5. Keit1h

    new job anxiety

    Honestly just do it and eventually it goes away. It's the same shit when you were a little shit going into highschool or a highschool student going into college. You might make a few mistakes, but don't worry too much, since everyone does when they're first starting out. Also I don't think you can be too slow stocking shit in shelves. I've seen some people move at fucking handicap grandma speed and nobody said a word.
  6. Keit1h

    microphone recommend

  7. Keit1h

    Test Taking Strategy

    Cocaine works well for exams too. Someone I know got a 94% using said method.
  8. Keit1h

    A friend and I 'Did a Thing'

    Reminds me of a slowloris thing that me and a few friends made, it did the exact same thing. Any TCP based service you could hit off using only your PC. I wonder if yours is any similar to the way we did ours, which was written in C++. I don't think I have the source/program anymore, but if I can find it on my old laptop or something I'll definitely touch on that as well. After awhile we slowly figured out how pointless and stupid DDoSing shit for no good reason was, so it was put to rest. Also you probably found something that other "hackers" have found before, or some method that has mostly remained private for some reason. Those slowloris variants are really not that difficult to come up with or create. Now touching on your bounty, damn they ripped you off. Selling it to script kiddies even would give you a better buck. Some kids will pay ANYTHING for a "super powerful DDoSer takes anything down in under a minute1!!!1!"
  9. Keit1h

    How dangerous is this?

    Coolmax PSU's are basically beefy OEM units. That being said, as long as you don't do any overclocking or anything stupid you should be alright. It's also not dangerous to have it outside of the case as far as I know. BUT... Because of the system you're running, it would be of your best interest to get it replaced as soon as you can.
  10. Keit1h

    Let's talk guns

    The people who are willing to commit crimes with firearms, or use firearms with malicious intent, will most likely buy the guns illegally either way. Restricting the ability to purchase and/or own guns legally; only ends up restricting law abiding citizens from owning firearms. And then what you have is a situation where the only people left with firearms are police and criminals. And to put it into perspective, there are more criminals than police, and police can't be everywhere all the time. It's 1. Not fair for the people who legally own firearms and use them for purposes other than committing crimes or shooting people, and 2. Removing a viable form of self defense from law abiding citizens' hands. At the same time however, I think there is no reason for people to own fully automatic assault weapons. The only thing those weapons are practical for is, killing people. You don't need a fucking decked-out special ops AR-15 to defend your house for fucks sake; you probably can't hunt or do anything else with it either. The only other viable reason is for target shooting or something, but there is a much higher risk than there is reward for allowing assault weapons to be sold (or even owned, although that's sort of aggressive) for that matter. In a country like the USA, where there's a huge gun culture, regulating guns won't do any good. Australia is an exception where it's tight gun laws worked, because it didn't have a huge gun culture at it's base, and because there was no way for new firearms to get into the country, given that it's surrounded by ocean and has a very tight border security.
  11. Keit1h

    Listen to my new remix before SC removes it!

    Why not just upload it to a file hosting website or something? Like dropbox or something. Also it sounds pretty damn good, but the drop is weak. Aside from the fact that I think the song that you remixed is a piece of shit (my opinions), it's a great remix if it comes down to your music production skills. I remember I used to do stuff like this back when dubstep was really popular, I could always make really awesome nasty sounding drops (Sort of like Skrillex or Must Die!) but that was the only thing I was ever good at.
  12. Keit1h

    How to get a job?

    20lbs isn't much, it shouldn't be impossible for even a skinny person to do. While it is pretty heavy if we're talking lifting boxes and stuff, it's manageable for most people. I guess you would have to experiment a bit, find some heavy crap you have in your house and try to lift it. Yeah those warehouse jobs are by far the easiest to come by, just about everywhere doesn't mind having an extra guy helping out in the warehouse as it makes things a lot easier on the establishment. That and there's usually a lack of people who want to do heavy physical work, but I mean if you can manage lifting heavy weights and you want to build muscle then it's probably a great idea.
  13. Keit1h


    Story time. I remember I pretty much went AWOL from the internet after I trolled some script kiddie forum by uploading stuff saying I made it, (typical skid stuff just to mess with them, seems pointless now that I look at it) as well as just general trolling and acting like a retard. I look back at it with huge regret because I remember some kids leaked my IP at the time, but the problem was I never thought anyone would take it that seriously or get that mad, because there was even a group of people who picked up on the fact that I was a troll so, to me it was just a joke. The problem was I seemed to get a lot of people butthurt because had dozens of skids DDoSing me. I just reset my IP though and all was fine. The problem was, the skids kept targeting me outside of that forum (even leaked my IP again, but I just reset it lol), so I knew I had a problem on my hands. My solution? Go AWOL. To make things easier, I never really posted any info or anything about myself on the internet, let alone anything tied to that username so, I pretty much just abandoned all accounts and aliases I had with that name and started fresh. I only lost like a minecraft account and some other accounts on some sites. It wasn't a huge loss but it still wasn't worth it now that I think about it. The lesson is, don't troll script kiddie forums. There's many gullible and easily butthurt people on there. And if you're going to do it, don't use an account name you use for other stuff. And use a proxy. If I hadn't have made those mistakes, it probably could have just been a fun time messing with the skids who think they're cool because they can leech a free booter on a hacking forum. Now that I think about it, I also pretended to speak really poor English just to mess with people even more. I still have some old emails on one of my abandoned email accounts from that site too, laughing my ass off right now. The only people who weren't butthurt were the people who knew I was a troll, the people who were trolls themselves and the people who were like 12 and did the exact same shit that I did.
  14. Keit1h


    I thought the game was actually pretty good, I don't like it as much as the Original games though. (Doom 3 is not an original). My only complaints: - The enemies were bullet sponges. This was actually really annoying for me. - The guns felt underpowered. For example, the shotgun was basically like a melee weapon. - The fact that enemies don't drop ammo anymore combined with the fact that enemies are bullet sponges made ammo a big issue. - I found the levels so long and linear that it was annoying to run through them. It was like "Ohhh for fucks sake gotta kill like forty demons in an arena room again" or "For fucks sake gotta go all the way over there". One of the reasons I liked the original DooM levels is because they were kept at a reasonable size. This might just be from my POV though. In addition to that, the long ass levels were the ones I never replayed when I went back to play a game again. I would seriously just skip them. Not to mention the fact that you could race through the original DooM levels pretty quickly if you wanted. The multiplayer was alright, generic and bland but I still found it sort of fun. Guns felt underpowered in the MP as well though, I found myself blasting someone a point blank with the combat shotty 4-6 times before they died. My fair review: SP: 7.5/10 MP: 6/10 Probably would have been better off spending my money on something else, as much as I really want to like this game because it's DooM, it's just not my cup of tea I guess. It's actually a decent game, I just don't like it that much.
  15. Keit1h

    Team Speak 3 Trolling

    I did my own more creative, less retarded form of teamspeak trolling. Im gifted in that I can change voices like those voice actors, so I used to run in and impersonate youtubers (I can sound pretty close to a few), and listen to all the 12 year olds freak out saying stuff like "OMG SYNDICATE" or something. It was way more enjoyable to do than to just play loud noises and shit, as I usually got banned (Only did it like twice though) and people usually just muted you or something. I also had to act like I was a youtuber for awhile and make sure the 12 year olds kept thinking that I was.