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  1. The_Almighty_Joseph

    How to join Discord

    Thanks, worked perfectly there. Must of been some problem earlier, thanks!
  2. The_Almighty_Joseph

    ‘The MegaBoat’ Unlisted video

    Idk man, just thought it was kinda cool looking at the old comments and whatnot.
  3. The_Almighty_Joseph

    ‘The MegaBoat’ Unlisted video

    So, I’ve know about this for maybe 3 years. I’m one of the only two comments posted within the last 6 years (timtomjimjom) that being said the last comment was 3 years ago. Basically the ‘Minecraft Griefing- The Megaboat (Minerealm Episode 3)’ was never taken down and just was unlisted. There might be more videos like this but this is the only one that I know off, was going to post it years ago but Brus reuploads had already posted all their deleted videos so there was no point. https://youtu.be/JN3ufpdcq5Y
  4. The_Almighty_Joseph

    How to join Discord

    Hey, tried joining discord through the pinned thread but when I try clicking the link it says that the invite is expired, any other way to join?
  5. The_Almighty_Joseph

    PC specs

    Alright so basically my pc can't run jackshit. It barley runs minecraft and can't play games such as Garry's mod or unturned. What I want to know is if my pc really is this shit or if I have just fucked it up with viruses and what not. Specs below Processor:Pentium® Dual-core CPU e5200 @ 2.50GHz Memory (Ram): 2.00 GB Graphics:Intel® G33/G31 Express chipset family Gaming graphics:286Gb total available gaming memory Primary hard disk:37Gb free (223Gb total) I'm a total new fag and haven't a clue what any of this means so any help is appreciated
  6. Holy shit, are you the real humanvegtable? honestly man I love your videos and have been watching them for years. I loved the way you would wreck havoc without hacks. I wouldn't recommend advertising anything on this website as everyone just has a shit fit when they see posts like this
  7. The_Almighty_Joseph

    Team Avolition Font

    The title says it all basically,anyone know what team avolitions font is? I've seen a thread before which had the exact details of the font and how to get it but i can't seem to find it anywhere. any help will be greatly appreciated :)
  8. The_Almighty_Joseph

    Sad times

    I have just realised Team Avolition have been losing a shit ton of subs. I went onto their channel today and saw they had 202,609 subs : https://www.youtube.com/user/teamavolition I could of sworn they had more so i went on 'The way back machine' to see what was the highest sub total they had. They highest hey had (That the way back machine saved, they save pages in intervals) was 206,331 on August 27 2014 which could of been higher if The way back machine saved more often. : https://web.archive.org/web/20140827145520/https://www.youtube.com/user/teamavolition But i have also noticed that their sub count goes up drastically every time they upload.Well when it's minecraft at least. So my question is if anybody has gotten in contact with any of the members to see of they are going to upload? If so could you leave a comment down below
  9. The_Almighty_Joseph

    Opinions on the IRA? (Irish republican army)

    No, they gave the people of northern Ireland a chance to vote for independence a while back, but they voted no. Bit it's predicted that within 2030 that there will be more catholics than prods so when the next vote will come around it will be decided.
  10. The_Almighty_Joseph

    Opinions on the IRA? (Irish republican army)

    The IRA have always used tactics like that,the British army is much more powerful than the irish. But yes I do agree that it was a douchbag move.
  11. The_Almighty_Joseph

    Opinions on the IRA? (Irish republican army)

    I want to know you guys's opinions on them. If you don't know them thats fine. Do you think they are terrorists or freedom fighters? Do you agree with the treaty or are you anti-treaty? Basically my opinion is that the original IRA from around the easter uprising (1916) are great and the new IRA groups- The real IRA and the Provisional IRA are kind of scumbags, i personally dont agree with the treaty as i think the whole of Ireland should be one. Also you might of seen this photo on youtube videos like 'photos taken before death' It happend during the trouble in northern ireland, what do you think of it? What many people don't know is that they Police were actually warned about the bomb but they directed the crowd the wrong way towards it.
  12. The_Almighty_Joseph

    Favourite aVo quotes

    There's also another one of my favorites, it went something like this- Storm:Hey krysk look up, look up Krysk:what Storm:boat- Krysk:MINEEE
  13. The_Almighty_Joseph

    Favourite aVo quotes

    I know this is a old post but my favourite Is "That stupid Ronald Mc'donald fuck!" -unknowngamer- the boat,Minerealm episode 2
  14. The_Almighty_Joseph

    Why hello!

    what do you mean?
  15. The_Almighty_Joseph

    Why hello!

    Hello! My names Joseph, hence the name. I've been an aVo fan for years but only decided to join the forums today. Hopefully I can be pretty active on here!