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  1. Krix3h

    Hi, i'm new! :D

    Howdy parnerr
  2. Krix3h

    Anime recommendations?

    Mk thanks I'm more of a short show kind of person.
  3. Krix3h

    Anime recommendations?

    I'm starting to get into watching some anime and what not but I don't really know what to choose. I've just started watching Sao on Netflix about 2 days ago. Is there any other animes you people would recommend for me? I'm trying to watch one at a time so I don't get mindfucked so don't leave an entire grocery list of animes just a couple.
  4. Krix3h

    hi there

    Hey man welcome, I'll try not to step on you :)
  5. I thought gamer was in hell too.
  6. Krix3h

    Rap/Hip Hop.. What happened?

    Yea just listened to it its great song. I normally don't listen to rock but when I do its shinedown or linkin Park.
  7. Krix3h

    Rap/Hip Hop.. What happened?

    I just hope future music doesn't end up like this..
  8. Krix3h

    Rap/Hip Hop.. What happened?

    Yes I listen to him quite a bit everyday. It's like they're bringing out controversial and new music rapidly in purpose because they know they can make money from it judging by how popular they already are.
  9. Krix3h

    Rap/Hip Hop.. What happened?

    Tupac had a great voice but more than that, he wrote with more sensitivity than many rappers who just boasted about how great they were in rhyme. You need to seriously listen to "Dear Mama", "Hail Mary" and "How Do You Want It?" as examples of his writing. He wrote about his and others' personal agony growing up in South Central Los Angeles. If you check out his music with an open mind, I am fairly sure you'll agree and like his music. "Dear Mama" is one of my favorites.
  10. Krix3h

    Rap/Hip Hop.. What happened?

    Who do you define as "other artists"?
  11. Just speaking about this really pisses me off but whatever. So, rap what the actual fuck happened to it? The kind of rap music I like is real artists who actually speak about real things. Instead of most rappers who rap about money, cars, etc. Real artists such as Tupac, Hopsin, Nas, B.I.G, etc. Now we have shit like nicki minaj or Lil Wayne or soulja boy. Take for example nicki minajs anaconda video which has somewhere around 400mil views... I'm sure there are some good rappers out there but normally nobody cares about them and focuses on today's shit. A popular real artist I like today is mainly hopsin. He never fails to impress me. Hell he even makes songs dissing rappers who only speak about money and what not. It seems like after Tupac died most music went to shit. Also Lil Wayne calling himself the new pac makes me want to rip his brain out. I swear some artists are high every performance nowadays. I don't know if a post like this has been made yet but whatever.
  12. Normally listening to music gets me off the couch or wherever I'm at. It makes me feel like there's things that need to be done and then I do them.
  13. Krix3h

    Android - my apps are so far apart.

    OK I got it thanks for the help!
  14. So as I was scrolling through the play store I found an icon pack which had this as a image example of what the icon pack looked like. http://m.imgur.com/nJ4vvVH As you see he is using a 5x3 layout but, notice how close together his apps are? Using Nova launcher I use the same 5x3 layout but my apps are so far apart. I'm trying to go for the exact design in the picture but this keeps happening. Do any of you here know how I could possibly make my apps come close together than spread so far apart. Here's a pic of what mine is at the moment http://m.imgur.com/vbHNzKd Also, notice how my icons go all the way to the very top of the phone. From the looks of it his icons are centered. I feel this is the easiest fix ever and I'm just embarrassing myself. Anyway thanks.
  15. Krix3h

    Can you guys help me out?

    This music is actually really great. I've been replaying Alot of these songs today. Keep up the good work my friend :)