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  1. kingpickaxe

    Free Programming Books

    Whoa! This is awesome!
  2. kingpickaxe

    Good site if you're completely new to programming

    I've used it quite a bit
  3. kingpickaxe

    Atomic Physics set for kids!

    Isn't that a bit dangerous?
  4. kingpickaxe

    Hello, Friends!

    I've tried to get on Team Avo's IRC but apparently Sirenfal said it's closed :(
  5. kingpickaxe

    What the fuck happened to the irc channel?

    D: I was just about to join
  6. kingpickaxe

    Hello, Friends!

    RPGs and Sandboxes but I usually watch vids
  7. kingpickaxe

    Oh shit, I'm a terrorist

    Better hope you payed it. Or else...
  8. kingpickaxe

    Hello, Friends!

    Thanks :D
  9. kingpickaxe

    Hello, Friends!

    Hello everyone! My name is KingPickaxe (or King). I love watching Team Avolition and playing video games (also programming) and I love green apples. I'm not good at talking to people (even on the internet)... From a Team Avolition fan - KingPickaxe