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  1. aliceglass

    hi friends

    guys even though im new, do i deserve ice cream?
  2. aliceglass

    hi friends

    well i have a penis so im probably male
  3. aliceglass

    hi friends

    i dont know, youre kind of pushing it now. im not sure our friendship can work out like this
  4. aliceglass

    hi friends

    do you love me though?
  5. aliceglass

    hi friends

    my name is alice, you can also call me alice. or if you also prefer alice, you can call me alice instead i like long walks on the beaches, and the strawberries and peaches i also dont use proper grammar, but i dont abbreviate words, unless theres a rule for proper punctuation and capitalization here i play shitty sci-fi games, and im the only trap youll ever meet that thinks hrt is gross, trannies are mental illness, and are completely intolerant of them because im an asshole. im not saying any other details because this is a forum and not a blog. friendly greetings to all of my newfound acquaintances i love all of you dearly