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  1. WeeabooDesu

    Must have Skyrim mods?

    Really useful dragons
  2. WeeabooDesu

    Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth

    Played it, the animations are much smoother, alot of new items and bosses, Greed mode is fun. Great update overall.
  3. WeeabooDesu

    Games you hate that everyone seems to love?

    KH2, even though it was easy as hell compared to KH1 and the drives and most of the limits were broken, people still say its the best game in the ps2 library. Mfw people are now losing their shit for KH3
  4. WeeabooDesu

    You Laugh, You Lose. Round V

  5. WeeabooDesu


    uwot Welcome to the party train :)
  6. WeeabooDesu

    What Happened To Minecraft?

    What are you talking about? It's always been that way.
  7. WeeabooDesu

    Iwata is kill

    I truly wish there were more businessmen and more people like him. 7/11/15 Never forget
  8. WeeabooDesu

    My first tattoo and what it's about.

    inb4 red bull
  9. WeeabooDesu

    You Laugh, You Lose. Round V

    Some OC from today http://i.imgur.com/mfbXAYC.png
  10. WeeabooDesu

    What are you guys reading these days?

    Misery by Stephen King was my latest read, but the best I can remember is Day One by Nate Kenyon
  11. WeeabooDesu

    You Laugh, You Lose. Round V

  12. WeeabooDesu


  13. WeeabooDesu

    You Laugh, You Lose. Round V

  14. WeeabooDesu

    The Main Principle of Team Avolition is still alive, boys

    ayy lmao, the salt levels have trancended the mortal coil