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  1. agrecascino

    Where are you now in relation to when you joined the forum

    I was an autistic child when I joined, now I'm an autistic child that knows C++. Trust me, it's a big difference.
  2. agrecascino

    The new-and-improved Linux Thread

    I use void linux on one of my systems, and that uses runit(which is _REALLY_ _REALLY_ fast). On Poettering's behavior, it seems to be a thing with him. Pulseaudio is another giant blob of buggy shitty code that seems to stop functioning at random. I've had situation where I could not for the life of me, get pulseaudio to recognize a sound card that ALSA had loaded. It seems like everything he touches turns to shit.
  3. agrecascino

    Avolition Videos

    Become an hero.
  4. agrecascino

    Thought I had about space travel

    I still think "The Giant Space Railgun" would make a good pinball table.
  5. agrecascino

    Thought I had about space travel

    "The giant space railgun" would make for a very good pinball table.
  6. agrecascino

    How to get a job?

    Abuse nepotism?
  7. agrecascino

    I suck at games

    I know it's pretty hypocritical of me saying this, but what was the point of this thread. Why did you have to tell everyone you suck, since no one seemed to be asking. You probably could of made a thread about ten other things, but instead, you made this.
  8. agrecascino

    Let's talk about Linux!

    I personally use a mix of openSUSE, Fedora, and Slackware(seriously). The guy who made Pulseaudio also made Systemd, he has a general stigma because he always makes dysfunctional, buggy software that still somehow manages to take over everything. You can remove pulseaudio and replace it with apulse with a dmix setup, though good luck doing that on most distros. The best way to get away from his creations is using distros like Slackware and gentoo, though even slackware in it's next release will include pulseaudio. Basically, you're fucked no matter what.
  9. I should really just stop.

  10. agrecascino


    You know that feeling when you look back on yourself, maybe not even a year back and all you feel is PAIN. Pain not as in "Oh shit, someone punched me", but pain as in "Holy shit, was I really this retarded?". A few minutes ago, I searched my username on google, for the hell of it, and saw a picture from a post I made here. It was a poorly drawn rainbow(made in autodesk sketchbook express) with the words "fuck art, kill youself you faggot", and all I felt for that instant was PAIN. I remember doing really stupid shit like harassing Syphist, and making "Memes: the introduction", because I somehow thought that was funny. Anyway, I guess the whole point of this thread is to say sorry for shitting up the site.
  11. agrecascino

    Let's talk about Lisp!

    Lisp: The greatest language that you will never learn.
  12. agrecascino

    I -NEED- the music in these videos

    I know the song from the 2nd video now. . Around 5 minutes in.
  13. agrecascino


    I thought you died. Are you a spooky ghostman?
  14. agrecascino

    Tracker modules

    Revan brought up modules today and I figured why not make a thread about modules. So put your favorites here I guess. Honorable mentions: http://modarchive.or...id&query=168325 http://modarchive.or...eid&query=34578 http://modarchive.or...eid&query=70716
  15. agrecascino

    I -NEED- the music in these videos

    the amount of modules is making me edge out of the universe. Also anything on modarchive.org shouldn't be an issue.