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    The make fun of rakiru game

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    I'm from the Netherlands
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    Everyone has to start somewhere, even if you're doing Judo out of fun and not for competitive reasons, it's all about improving the art. I used to do kickboxing at a gym where they also trained guys who were getting ready for first amateur fights. This one time I had to spar with a 95kg (209lbs) fighter with 6 years of experience on him, and he wasn't in the mood to slow down for some 60kg (132lbs) kid. Though kind of weird to go hard on a fresh kickboxer with a few months experience, when you're a 6'2, 209lbs beast; you have to accept that every opportunity is a chance to learn something. The guy ended up injuring my left hand though, which eventually led me to stop for a while but that's not really relevant lol Any chance, even unfair, or when you're significantly outskilled or whatever is a great opportunity to learn something, besides you can always ask the person to go a little bit slower and/or explain you're new. There's no shame in that especially not from someone who is new. From experience I can tell you that 99% of the people that do martial arts have huge respect for each other, and will be very kind to new people, so don't let being the new guy keep you away from trying it out. May have ran my mouth a bit too much and went off-topic but I hope it helps!
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    Nice to hear stories like these, it's very motivating. I noticed you're from Tennessee, so when you say football I interpret it as rugby and not soccer I highly recommend martial arts, it so much different from everything else. I did Judo when I was a kid and I have good memories of it!
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    Hello, I just made some posts and a thread and I figured it's rude to just start doing stuff without a (re-)introduction A few years ago I made this thread after lurking for a few days, but I didn't stay active for long. Now I am 19 years old, a lot has changed in my life, and I can happily say a lot of changes have been very positive. I quit my IT course because (I don't know how to translate this very well to English) it was mostly about fixing hardware issues and doing stupid fucking Cisco shit (no offense to anyone working with Cisco, I just can't stand it) But I didn't quit college, I instead made a switch to a programming course. Now I know there are more people who claim that the old Minecraft videos and the hacked clients and stuff got them into programming, this is also my case. I didn't know shit about programming, but I kept looking stuff up online and that all began with Team Avolition stuff. Don't be mistaken I'm not trying to be nostalgic because after lurking some more I have noticed most members are totally done with those old days, and I don't want to seem like someone who is just here for those old memories (although partially the reason that brought me here in the first place, this forum seems way more comfy than just nostalgic stuff) Currently I am on my last internship as a backend webdeveloper. Besides programming I started reading a lot of books recently, mostly about self-improvement. I'm also returning to martial arts, I did kickboxing for a year. Then I started working out to gain weight, I gained 10kg (22lbs), now that I am in a different weight category I wanted to start fighting again to eventually start doing amateur matches. I rarely play videogames anymore because I find myself busy with other stuff I enjoy doing, but my interests haven't faded away. I don't write poetry anymore, that was mostly teenage-hormone induced stuff after listening to too much of The Doors, I do however sometimes write short stories, but not for reasons like showing them to other people, more as an exercise to practice creativity and the English language. Hopefully this serves as somewhat of an introduction and I will try to be around more often as I do enjoy browsing these forums. I would also like to add that I often have the feeling of wanting to post something, to be more active in the community, but find it hard to post something that's actually interesting or anything like that. So to prevent myself from shitposting I do a lot of thinking how people will react to threads/posts, this may cause it to seem like I am a very closed off person, but I'm not. I'm more of a listener than a speaker but I try to speak up here and there, where it's appropriate. Thanks for reading
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    Hello, I was curious if any of you guys play sports/exercise? Ever played a sport? What is your favorite sport? If not, is there a specific reason? Personally I quit weightlifting after two and a half years, and I'm going to try out MMA soon. I did kickboxing a year before I started lifting weights in order to gain weight, now I want to return to martial arts and MMA seems a bit more exciting than just kickboxing
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    hi haha its 6 am and i cant fall asleep idk why

    That "PHP explode" tab in between "/suicidemethods/" and "spread ass holes" Good shit
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    Four Years Later

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    Great/favorite/general Roguelike thread

    Sanctuary RPG.
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    Where can I find the debug screen code?

    Got it, thanks guys
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    Where can I find the debug screen code?

    Hello, I've started messing around with the Minecraft code (1.7.2). For testing purposes, I want to edit a few things in the debug screen. (This GUI: http://oi60.tinypic.com/amfb5v.jpg) After going through some of the directories in the source code, however, I couldn't find anything regarding the debug screen. (Anything like: net.minecraft.client.gui is what I mean by directories) So basically; where can I find the debug screen code? Go easy on me, this is the first time I've fucked around with the Minecraft source code. :> Thanks in advance
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    You feel, you lose.

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    proof we nulled the databases of this site

    Legion, for they are many
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    Browser Hitmark Script.

    I did not make this, I found this and decided to share it with you. Credits to Eraknelo.