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  1. Remy

    The FCC officially votes to kill the internet

    United States: Rest of the civilised world:
  2. Remy

    Someone cure my boredness

    Got enough quotes there, buddy?
  3. Remy

    Someone cure my boredness

    A change of scenery always cures my boredom. Go for a run, buy your clothes at a shop you've never been to, take one or more of your friends to a restaurant you've never eaten at before, go to a lake and try to skim pebbles across the surface, take a good look at yourself and see if there's anything you can work on to improve your mental and physical health, go to a barber and tell them to surprise you, randomly burst into song in a public area, hook up a beeper with a fart noise and drive-by people with it, or even go to an Antifa rally and shout 'HITLER HAD THE RIGHT IDEA!' The possibilities are endless.
  4. Remy

    retarded insults thread

    Calling someone a cuck is as retarded as insults come, but boy does it piss people off.
  5. Remy

    Fortnite Developer Epic Games Suing Cheaters

    Epic Games are suing cheaters in a F2P game that they developed which has no anti-cheat system in place. And they think this is a good idea. Cliffy, did a cheater hack your Roblox account or something?
  6. Remy

    Favourite aVo quotes

    "You wanna know what I think of that?" -distorted bass blasting through mic-
  7. Remy

    What scam have you fallen for?

    Someone told me that eating 2 bananas and 2 cans of Sprite when you're drunk cures your hangover in the morning. It didn't cure my hangover.
  8. There's red-pilling and then there's this.
  9. That has to be happiest cosmonaut since Yuri Gagarin found out there was no God in space.
  10. You look pure enough to initiate intercourse in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation
  11. You'd make for an incredibly effective sex toy.
  12. Triggered zee is best zee.
  13. Because it's ground zero for every holier-than-thou, weed-choofing, SJW, alt left landwhale in existence and it's such a detestable sludge factory of smug self-satisfaction that even living within 10 miles of San Francisco will cause your hair to turn into a neon blur monstrosity, your body fat increases by 300% and your higher brain function gets sucked out and is replaced with Buzzfeed videos. That... is why San Fran is so bad.
  14. A slimy pussy is better than a dead pussy
  15. Truth be told, I first joined way back in 2011 when aVo were hot-shit in the griefing department and I was a cringey edgelord-tier mega-faggot still stuck in highschool with a sense of fashion that was comprised of black clothes and 'lel funneh yet edgy' t-shirts. Y'know, the stereotypical corner-sitting loner that listened to Nu Metal and tried to paint himself as this stoic, hard-boiled loner but came off as a depressing, unfunny and unlikable cockhead. 6 years later and a lot of good life choices helped me shed that horrendous image. I came out to my immediate and extended family and was rewarded with love and understanding, I got a pretty sweet gig as a bartender at a gaming pub (still working there now as assistant manager), met my boyfriend, had enough money to both help support my family and save up for when I move out, updated my fashion to a more modern standard and I'm as happy and content as I can hope to be. Still, I'll never forget the shenanigans I got into when playing Minecraft and Gmod. Back then you'd be playing in a DarkRP server on Gmod and the mere mention of an aVo team member (possibly) being inside of the session sent everyone into a frenzy. Hell, some people went out of their way to be griefed by them, just for a sliver of a chance of making it into one of their videos. RiceThink, MCCraft, EFcraft, the rage montages that were compiled, the video threats from server admins... 6. Fucking. Years. How the fuck did we get here?