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  1. fever308

    Just joined and ready to make some friends :)

    Thanks I'm glad I'm apart of it too
  2. fever308


    Granted but now they're in every other room. I wish I was a popular Avo member.
  3. andi a girl who's fun, rules all guys on video games and is very nice. "wow andi, you kicked my ass beating down that master chief! you rule me." Only the ruling all guys is true, I'm not a girl. And for some reason I can't remove italics..
  4. I wouldn't say it doesn't exist, I once played a server on gmod like that. But I got bored of TTT :P. It would be cool if people from Avolition all pitch in to make a gmod server with a pass that only people from Avo know. That would be a great community.
  5. fever308

    Just joined and ready to make some friends :)

    AHH thanks for telling me, I guess that's my first goal then.
  6. fever308

    Powerglove 2: Electric Boogaloo.

    That sucks :(, looked very promising when I saw it for the first time.
  7. I need help finding a fun Gmod server of any kind, all that matters to me for it to have a nice community, were I can easily come in and hang out.
  8. fever308

    Just joined and ready to make some friends :)

    That's fine still excited to jump right in :) also does anyone know why my signature keeps glitching out..
  9. fever308

    Payday 2 AI

    I bought this game recently, and I too think the AI needs some improvement but nether-less still a fun game!
  10. I wanted to meet some new people, so I tried looking for a forums with people who had the same interests as me. Then I remembered the griefing group called Avolition that I heard about a few years ago (after a server I played was supposedly griefed by them.) So i thought to give it a try. I have many interests, one of them is griefing of course, while I also like FPSs, Photoshop, Hacking, Programming(Not good at all at this, but still trying.), Minecraft, and Computers. I hope to meet new people to enjoy my time with :).