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  1. Saltiren

    The make fun of rakiru game

    Lost it at Red Shaggy, great shitpost
  2. Saltiren

    Nost 2 Electric Boogaloo

    My group of 5 friends are all coming back when it launches. We're going to get to 60 ASAP and start raiding before this thing goes down. I don't know when it will go down, but I wanna enjoy it. I saw their stress test footage and some of my friends were involved in the third stress test, the server can actually hold a pretty large amount of people before lagging! In 40 man raids, the gameplay should be completely fine. Leveling out in the world should also be fine except for the influx of new characters in the starting areas, mainly Durotar/Barrens and Elwynn/Westfall but these will thin out in time and once you get ahead of the pack you should be fine. Instances will be great as you'll find all kinds of characters around your level wanting to dungeon their way up like in Retail (Which, might I add is pretty good now). I'm going to play the shit out of it. We might join the boys in blue this time around, but we're not decided on either PvP or PvE or faction. Hope to see some of you guys there!
  3. Saltiren

    wisdom teeth

    I felt mine first growing in about six to eight months ago, and they're still here and not painful. I'd recommend seeing your dentist though, just to be safe. If that isn't possible for whatever reason, you could wait to see if they start hurting you.
  4. Saltiren

    Youtube Controversy 2: Electric Boogaloo

    I'd post in more detail, but I only have 5 minutes before I go to work. This is a wayback machine link from April 1, 2015 to the exact same advertiser-friendly guidelines that they display now. Link: https://web.archive.org/web/20150401141044/https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/6162278?hl=en They didn't update it recently, it's been like this.
  5. Saltiren

    WoW Legion

    I suggest this, honestly. I've been playing vanilla private servers since before the Nost shutdown and all my friends have purchased Legion and are trying it out. Honestly, it's good! So was Warlords at first though. Demon Hunters aren't as OP as DKs were upon release. I'd definitely re-sub if I had the money for Legion too.
  6. Saltiren


    Welcome. What're your favorite RTS's?
  7. Saltiren


    Welcome, weeb. Hope you enjoy it here.
  8. Saltiren

    How is everyone doing today?

    This is slightly colder than normal here. Some people make the argument that having heat with no humidity is fine, but I call bullshit. Walking outside feels like the sun is only a few feet away from you. Fuck deserts. OT: Really good! Getting ready to move away from this shitty climate.
  9. Saltiren

    Pokemon Go

    If we are able to fight other PokemonGo players, then I'd love this game. Being able to catch Pokemon and fight your friends with them would be amazing. Without it, the game feels a bit pointless. It's still cool in a novelty sort of way, but not very fun.
  10. Saltiren

    Let's talk guns

    This is very true, OP seems to think that guns are only used for hurting other individuals but this is not the case. Here in America, firearms are a sort of cultural phenomenon. Outdoorsmen, Hunters, Sport Shooters, "Rednecks", these are people who typically use guns for things that aren't murdering random people. Whether they want to kill a deer to feed their family/ take their kid out to the woods to bond together, or if target practice is their favorite activity, the point is that guns are more than just murder weapons. Would OP prefer we use knives to stab any animals we want to hunt? Or revert back to the good ole' Bow and Arrow? Anyway, this thread is still bait.
  11. lurking is an art

  12. Saltiren

    Does this place even have moderators any more

    Yeah, they get on daily. Dejordzta and Rakiru are some of the most active members of the community. Welcome to the forums by the way!
  13. Saltiren

    EU Referendum

    This. Is it because the euro (which the Brits don't use, right?) has shit value or something?
  14. Saltiren

    How to get a job?

    I have to note, I have a bit of a problem actually getting to places that aren't within a few blocks. It's summer here and it gets to 110-120 degrees normally, which if I show up to an employer and see the manager looking like a gross sweaty kid, I don't think that helps my chances (first impressions and all). I can't drive due to the fact I'm actually living with my friend's family who has one car between them already, and my school redacted my driver's ed credit because I moved here partly into the year and apparently "missed too much of the class" despite me passing regardless. So I'd only be able to get a permit. That aside, the transit bus system here in Las Vegas is so awful, it takes 2 hours to get somewhere it would take 45 minutes walking. It severely limits my options, which is why I'm basically considering packing my shit into 2 suitcases and flying north and trying where I used to live. I keep hearing a bunch about movie theatres so I assumed it was similar to the fast food thing where everyone is applying there, but I'll look into that. The only thing I did was go to school and come back. I moved mid-sophomore year and went from a public school that was in the top ~3% of the nation in testing to a very ghetto school, so I guess I got culture-shocked and basically kept to myself the entire time. It's kind of cringy, but I helped a friend set up the video game club this year, no clue what that could even possibly translate to on a resume. I just moved desks and helped move TVs around, and help form the rules list. I honestly didn't think about putting things on my resume at all during my time at high school. I'll have to look for them, because I don't think I've seen a shop like that here in Vegas. As far as I can tell, this section of the city is around 10-15 years old and just has chain stores surrounded by housing. I'll keep my eye out though. I have no idea how I would find those places. I've never seen anything around me that looks like a warehouse so I'd probably have to go pretty far to work at one, which would be tricky. I'll remember that though. I think I have my formatting right. I just have no achievements to put. No special classes, no extracurricular activities. I speak only English, which is difficult to land a job against the multitude of Spanish speakers living here. The last time I played a sport was middle school. I didn't ever talk to my teachers during school so I don't think they'd vouch for me. Plus I've graduated and doubt I'd be able to contact them over the summer. This is the problem I've ran into during my job search, my rather barren resume. Yeah I've been trying to incorporate their mission statement goals into my resumes when I send them in. Most places I've applied to only ask for a resume and not cover letter. Yeah, keep trying is what I've been doing for four months. I'd appreciate even just one interview, because I'm pretty sure I could get the job if they'd only ask for an interview. I can't get any volunteer experience atm because I need to find a job very soon and I don't think anywhere I volunteer would appreciate me quitting soon after I started because I manage to find a job. Thanks everyone for the helpful advice, I'll consider it all.
  15. Saltiren

    How to get a job?

    I'm decently fit, I mean I'm skinny as hell (5'9", 135lb) but if I had to do something that wasn't playing video games all day I'd probably get stronger. By stocking jobs, do you mean at at places like Walmart, Target, ect? I've been applying to those locations with no luck. Here in Nevada you have to be 21 to work at most locations that sell alcohol, like gas stations. I like the idea Revan stated about calling a place a week after, that's good. I'll definitely use that. Does that also apply if you apply online?