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  1. Yoshi

    Discord Server.

    i've left my mark
  2. Yoshi


    Good thing I have a bunker for this exact situation.
  3. Yoshi

    The FCC officially votes to kill the internet

    Haven't lost yet. They have congress to go through first, then after that they have lawsuits to go through. New York already started one.
  4. Yoshi

    hi im new

    nice dude!! what do you like most about minecraft
  5. Yoshi


    a dating profile, what do i win?
  6. Yoshi

    Best GTA Menus?

    but how would they get money from sharkcards if modding was legal?????/
  7. Yoshi

    griefing in garrys mod

    i think your video file might have morphed into a jpg some how
  8. Yoshi

    Best GTA Menus?

    I've been looking for some menus (premium or not) for some GTA V Fuckery with my friends, however I'm having some trouble finding some up-to-date or secure menus. Was wondering if anyone here knew any that were worth my time?
  9. Yoshi

    can i join ur grif team now?

    asmr coming soon $99.99/m annual contract
  10. Yoshi

    can i join ur grif team now?

    can i join now im clearly the best around thanks parody of 90% of people that join this forum 9 years late.
  11. Yoshi

    Gym/Physique/Exercise Thread

    literally the only workout i get is carring various 60+ LBS things at the arbys i work at GOOD ENOUGH
  12. Yoshi

    r/teamavo A Message To Avo

  13. Yoshi

    I suck at games

  14. Yoshi

    TeamViewer Breach

    No offense taken, I just find it very coincidental as all that these reports are happening in such a rapid succession.