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  1. Aoredon

    Playing in Sandboxes

    Dafuq did I just read?
  2. Aoredon

    DarkRP server

    I had a bad experiance with DarkRP with stupid admins, but it was fun never the less. Especially when me and my friend were using money printers in a warehouse and we heard a car pull up and shit went down. After having our money printers stolen I adopted a new strategy on a different server of sticking money printers in the wall and covering it with a bath tub. Since the server had a door sort of plugin, I'd toggle collision and visibility of the bath tub on and off with the numpad keys, lol.
  3. Aoredon

    Griefing Servers

    I'm guessing they believe aVo invented griefing and anyone who tries to grief is obviously a fan boy who is trying to copy them.
  4. Aoredon

    How to compile .java to .class with errors for Minecraft

    You shouldn't really be getting errors. If the errors are not from your own code I'd do this (assuming you're using MCP and Eclipse): Make sure you have the required files in the 'jars' folder in MCP. Make sure you run decompile.bat Finally, make sure your Eclipse workspace is set to the "eclipse" folder located in the MCP directory. You hopefully shouldn't get errors now. My guess is that your workspace isn't set to the "eclipse" folder.
  5. Aoredon

    Data Structure Visualizations

    I actually found this pretty interesting. Nice find, I added it to my favorites it. Might come in handy in the future.
  6. Aoredon

    What coding languages do you know?

    Depends what you mean by 'know'. I know Java, C++, C#, Batch, Javascript, HTML, PHP, Actionscript, LUA, SQL, XML, YAML, VB.Net I don't know them really well, but I've learnt a little about them or used them at one point. The only one I know really well is Java.
  7. Oh alright, I only just saw that after studying the left side of the website, lol! Sorry, I did a quick check first, but just wanted to post it quick so everybody else could get the deal too :P EDIT: And you posted that yesterday. I feel stupid. Anyway I can close this thread or does an moderator need to do that?
  8. Go on Steam and get Left 4 Dead 2 free for a limited time. I'm pretty sure it's not one of those play it free for two days things as when I went on steam it wasn't in my library until I went to the page and added it. So go get a great game for free quick if you don't already have it :D. Just wanted to let you guys know about this.
  9. Aoredon

    Games coming soon

    I'm looking forward to Watch Dogs. Was doing to get it this year, but they delayed it buy like a year so yeah.
  10. Aoredon

    Griefed a Server

  11. Aoredon

    The Stanley Parable.

    Stanley Parable is a hilariuos game. So... many... references...
  12. Aoredon


    Okay that sounds simple. Thanks everybody who replied.
  13. Aoredon


    Alright, I just have one more question which is pretty simple really. How does one, cache a block? By cache does it just mean, put it in an arraylist of some sort...or?
  14. Aoredon


    I know that, but I'm going to probably have to add a lot more code into the Minecraft source than I'd like. I guess it's not too bad. Actually sounds like a good idea, I'll try it out. Thanks again for the second time helping me out, will get back to you if I'm successful or not. EDIT: Well, I did a little more testing and it turns out the block will still be shown if it doesn't have an air block by it, so I'm confused right now. When I was on a multiplayer vanilla server and mining, a block in my blocks to be shown when xraying randomly appeared when I mined the block next to it, so I jumped to the assumption that it was because there was no air block by it previously before. So I'm assuming there's something to do with block updates here. I'm not sure though, it's hard for me to understand the Minecraft source due to the way everything is named.
  15. Aoredon


    I guess, but I don't like touching the Minecraft source code that much. Well, if that's the only solution... might as well.