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  1. // THIS IS OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE @Handler(priority = Integer.MAX_VALUE) i also just found this one in some code my friend wrote for analyzing java bytecode for runescape private static void addIdentifier(AnalysisProvider anal) { // HAHA, ANAL providers.put(anal.getVersion(), anal); }
  2. When you accidentally get crumbs where you're sitting
  3. When someone doesn't shut the door if they come in after me to my house/room/whatever inb4 "this thread" (hurr you're so clever)
  4. zkm


    I'm a bit of a caffeine fiend, I love coffee and I'm always looking for new types of coffee to try. The coffee I have now is amazing, It's organic, and fairly traded. I got it from a church near me that sells it, they bought it from http://www.equalexchange.coop/ and it is extremely good. Does anyone have any good coffees that they can recommend?
  5. zkm

    Some questions regarding server suggestions

    You can't do this with Bukkit's existing API. I have written something similar to this (for a Skyrim-like FUS RO DAH), let me save you time by saying you dont need projectiles, just use vector math. I have made this too, people on your server will love it. Make sure to interface with WorldGuard so nothing gets broken. Everything else sounds good.
  6. zkm

    How to make a nuker, more legit?

    This. DarkBot is a masterfully crafted piece of software. I wish DarkStorm would get on Skype more often.
  7. zkm

    Hard Candy 2014

  8. zkm

    Laptop makers a shit

    its not really a trump card, and i really rather would have not threatened at all i don't do it often, i only do it when i was promised something specific and i never got what i was promised, because legally, they don't have a leg to stand on if i decide to actually call my lawyer. the problem is, people use that so often that it has become a joke, rather than an actual tool for consumers to hold companies accountable for their actions in this instance, it was entirely justified, seeing as they a. lied to me about what i was receiving b. refused to fix it i really hate having to threaten legal action, but i would have followed through with it had they not accepted at the last moment
  9. zkm

    Tumblr-based hilarity

    who are you quoting?
  10. zkm

    The Waiting Room

  11. zkm

    The Waiting Room

    *coughs and looks up from a 4 year old ESPN mag for a second, before looking back down, his eyes glazing over*
  12. zkm

    MineShock Reborn

    i'm not widd, buddy
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  14. zkm

    Future of gaming

    more generic garbage with hidden gems that you have to look hard for more small-time devs with their own startups becoming popular (similar to how Notch became famous for Minecraft) more cowbell