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  1. asmcint

    I threw was my pen

    It was enough to fuck your mother last night.
  2. asmcint

    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - Balmung

    I main DRG, play on Coeurl. Pretty fun game, and I find I'm tanking the floor far less than the memes predict.
  3. asmcint

    Net Speeds?

    Currently in a very small town in Texas not too far outside of Texarkana, 105 Mbps down, 5Mbps up, 1TB data cap. Provider is Vyve Broadband.
  4. asmcint

    Why, hello there.

    There you go
  5. asmcint


    I saw multiple uncalled facemasks, myself.
  6. asmcint


    Part of the issue was that the refs started overlooking a lot of obvious penalties that they plainly saw and should have been called, while calling every holding call possible on the Falcons.
  7. asmcint

    Oh my good golly GOSH!

  8. asmcint

    The Post Your Desktop Thread

    Yes. Can't play right now because ded graphics card, but I've got literally 299 hours in it.
  9. asmcint

    Oh my good golly GOSH!

    I can't tell what's worse, the flashbacks to my own past behavior, or the fact that this is in perfect character.
  10. Yeah this one guy banned me after I complained about his fucking literally everyone but donators over. I ranted, raved, then moved on like a normal fucking human being.
  11. asmcint

    A late introduction I guess

    Yep, your intense and unabated autism has pretty much caused you to be a punching bag every time you open your mouth. :^)
  12. asmcint

    Half-skiddie with decent skills.

    Relevant XKCD because why not?