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  1. Krikilla

    Programming Help

    Hello, so in a year I am going to be starting a programming class in high school. I am just wondering if there are any helpful tools or resources that may help me with this class. I want to prepare before I take the class so I get the hang of it easier. I’ve programmed smaller Minecraft essential plugins with the help of the Internet and YouTube, but I’ve never found any good tips or resources. Thank you, Krikilla
  2. Krikilla

    Human Nature

    What is "human nature"? Many would argue that it is just something that most humans do, such as use an electronic device of some sort. Others would state that it is what evolution has brought us to do: Eat, drink, sleep, hunt/gather, think, remove waste, and/or create. To really look into it, we have to go back to evolution. We did not grow smart or strong through the use of our own creation, that is a modern "luxery" that former humans and human species did not possess. They had to use nature and their surroundings to their ability and they did not have such surplus knowledge that we modern humans now have. They grew smart by thinking and experimenting - whether or not it was risky. Some say we still do this, and they're right: It's just not the same. They experimented using limited knowledge that they personally possessed, meanwhile we can base our estimates off of other people's minds which was based off of someone before them. At this point it is safe to call us something other than Homo sapiens, as we are simply just a new stage of human. What do you think about this?
  3. Krikilla

    Heyo everyone!

  4. I didn't mean it in a bad way. I was just wondering what got you started on writing the tutorials. Was kind of random - though I do like the tutorials.
  5. Krikilla


    That's practically why he fits in. Programming is a big thing here.
  6. Krikilla

    Team AVO Returned Hyped.

    And now they're going to disappear for another two years or so.
  7. Krikilla

    R.I.P MineCraft

    The hell?
  8. Krikilla

    Foreign Languages

    I've never really learned another language (I tried Latin and got somewhat far) but instead I try learning alphabets and histories of languages. I do know the Cyrillic alphabet is highly based off of Greek alphabet with the pi and they "b"s being pronounced as a v (except I think Russian has a subsitute letter for the normal b sound), etc. And honestly I don't know why I like language history so much, it's just a thing for me that started whenever I got into mythology (another thing I really like). Good luck on learning Russian!
  9. MCAdmin is what I believe you are referring to, where they made their own servers and globally banned everybody. Here's the link
  10. Krikilla


    Hello, I just programmed my first few plugins. They're not unique, as I was just testing with them but I programmed my own /message system, my own /randomtp system, and my own /heal /eat systems but I want to try and go further. Any suggestions on what kind of plugins I could look into trying to program that aren't too hard for beginners?
  11. I just want to know what everybody's favorite things from the old Team Avolition videos were. I think my personal favorite is when they went all out on Spacemonkey (RIP Spacemonkey) in "The All In 1/2".
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  13. Krikilla

    A late introduction I guess

    Do not harass other users. If you can't help yourself, come back once you finish middle school. -Sirenfal This rule actually does not apply. Trust me, I should know. Therefore, feel free to harass anybody (will probably be me). MODERATOR HARRASMENT