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  1. Neo_Flame

    Speedtest Thread

    Im supposed to get 30/5... screw you Time Warner.
  2. Neo_Flame

    The Post Your Desktop Thread

    Haven't posted an updated desktop (or anything actually) in a while. What do you guys think?
  3. Neo_Flame


    Granted, but no decent college will accept you. I wish to be more gangster.
  4. Neo_Flame


    Granted but there's no nitroglycerin in Minecraft, rendering tnt an uncraftable block. I wish for a peanut.
  5. Neo_Flame


    Granted but the one program it takes to mod is extremely complicated. I wish for more wishes. :D
  6. Neo_Flame

    YouTube Center: Maximum Untardation

    Where did this thread go? I got lost... like right away.
  7. Neo_Flame


    Granted, but then you take an arrow to the knee. (xD it never dies... ok I'll let myself out) I wish that joke wasn't so terrible.
  8. Neo_Flame


    Granted but you go in to a coma. I wish for more wishes.
  9. Neo_Flame

    YouTube Center: Maximum Untardation

    I was already using a chrome plugin that automatically made the player larger and changed the res. to HD, but it caused a weird audio sync issue. This plugin is a lot more complicated, but so awesome! I can stream 1080p with no buffering, audio issue, or general fuckupery, 10/10. Thanks a lot for sharing.
  10. Neo_Flame


    Granted, but your graphics card melts from over-use. I wish for more coffee.
  11. Neo_Flame

    Prescribe Drug(s) to the Person Above You

    That actually a rumor, you'd have to eat about an entire hand-full of poppy seeds to test positive for opiates.
  12. Neo_Flame

    Prescribe Drug(s) to the Person Above You

    Intravenous General Anesthesia
  13. Neo_Flame

    I'm Kind of Retarded

    It was imported from Planetminecraft. I rebuilt my own spawn, installed the proper plugins, and IP-Banned and mini-doxed the griefers. Dox can be found here xD -snip
  14. Neo_Flame

    I'm Kind of Retarded

    Pretty much.
  15. Neo_Flame

    Am I missing anything?

    Sweet. Should I get a better fan/heatsink, or should the one you listed be fine for OCing?