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  1. msd8115


    Am I the only one who still plays tf2? I kinda feel left out since most of my friends now either plays OW or battle royale games
  2. msd8115


    Nice to meet you.
  3. msd8115


    No, a new storypack just dropped, I believe a few days ago Adds3 2 new Leviathans and adds more anomalies
  4. msd8115


    Gonna get the new story pack?
  5. msd8115


    Didn't see a stellaris thread, so I figured i would make one
  6. God damn ive been gone too long

  7. msd8115


    I own a Ruger 9mm pistol and a Henry .22 lever action rifle. I want a Winchester lever action rifle one day.
  8. msd8115

    BeamNG has finally released an alpha (and a free techdemo)

    Looks unique, I like it
  9. msd8115

    Silkroad online

    @dragonslayeryomre Yeah, loads of people still play. Lvl cap is 120? Most people spend their time using taxi's and half the community above level 80 is swimming in gold
  10. msd8115

    Toontown Rewritten

    Oh shit, I used to love this game when I was 5. I'm really excited and glad that it might be coming back.
  11. msd8115

    What did you get for Christmas?

    Lods of emoni Which I then spent on steam
  12. msd8115

    Schools That Made Things Fun?

    My school did the same thing >