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  1. MasterFux

    Source Engine Remote Code Execution on Kill

    If you die in the game...well, you get fucked in real life.
  2. The Dystopia video is underrated.
  3. I think of checking in every few weeks, and about 1 in 3 times I actually do. There was a time when I felt really compelled to be checking in multiple times a day because, if I didn't, I'd get buried in new threads and posts. Which isn't a bad thing, that's stuff to beat the boredom away. However, that compulsion is completely gone now, since even when there's months between my visits there's rarely enough new posting to extend notifications beyond 3/4 of a page. This combined with new hobbies, interests, occupations, friends, and other communities makes it easy to put off looking through whatever's new. I can't ever forget this site though, considering it set the tone for a few sections of my life. So with that in mind, I'll always keep checking back in every once in awhile until either me or the forum dies. It's hard to let these things go, and a childish portion of my mind will forever entertain the notion that the Avolition community will resuscitate. As for not always posting when I am online, is cuz i'm lazy lul.
  4. MasterFux

    Movies you thought were really cool

    Millennium Actress. Watched it recently and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  5. MasterFux


    Hoooly shit, this profile is like an essay.
  6. MasterFux

    Net Speeds?

    $110/mo. No data limit, fortunately.
  7. MasterFux

    Net Speeds?

    Not terrible.
  8. MasterFux

    Wonderful (New Release)

    Really good. I like it.
  9. MasterFux

    Showin' off my art.

    Just navigate through Google a lot until you start seeing some results. I'm not in a position to say anything because I'd have to relearn all of these things if I wanted to teach them.
  10. MasterFux

    Showin' off my art.

    Coloration is good, linework is alright in the context of style, shading and perspective(with respect to the third picture) is not that great. What was weird is that the latter two pictures made the art seem like a stylistic choice, but the first one just came across as poorly drawn. All in all, good job. You're much better than most people, in any case.
  11. MasterFux

    Speedrun Thread 2fast 2speed

    I ran IWBTB twice at one point and was thinking of actually learning to speedrun it, being inspired by Witwix. But I decided against it. Way too much time needing to be dedicated to learn every kink and trick to that game, as if it already wasn't difficult enough. Witwix himself said he was nowhere near fast until he had done at least 50-100 runs. Within a game in which some people can't even get past the first level. I still have IWTKTK2, and I'm thinking of getting back in and clearing it. Though playing on Guy's engine is definitely a different experience from Boshy in terms of jump mechanics. We'll see. As for AGDQ, yeah I skipped out on it. Way too much controversy surrounding it lately, and I was pretty disappointed when they turned somebody out for wearing a MAGA hat.
  12. MasterFux

    An entertaining OldSchool Runescape'r

    Except MLP isn't fun. Or interesting. I've seen it and it sucks. Just like OSRS. :^)
  13. MasterFux


    Warm. Thicc. Buns. That's a long time to lurk. Welcome to the forums.