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  1. Hi. I pop on here every now and again.

  2. morganjp


    Good day. As for suggestions on what you should learn to code with - it really depends on what you want to do with it. However in my opinion, C# is always good to start with for general purpose stuff.
  3. morganjp

    The best game(s) you've ever played

    Racing Games Forza: Horizon - The graphics in this game are truly amazing, also I'm a fan of the gameplay. Burnout 2 - I grew up playing this game on my trusty old PS2 and plus it's one of the classics. RTS Command & Conquer Series - I used to play these games way too much, so I kind of grew into the series and have not stopped playing it since. Sandbox Garry's Mod - C'mon where's this at? Apart from Garry being a moneywhore it's pretty good. Although I don't know if you guys class it as a game since it was originally a mod, but I do since it's now standalone. FPS Guns of Icarus Online - I just can't stop playing it.
  4. morganjp

    [C++]Chat Spammer help

    Edit: Useless post. Didn't read the original fully.
  5. morganjp

    Internet Derping

    It's probably your ISP, mine varies all the time from 10ms on a good day to 80ms on a bad day.
  6. morganjp

    Bf3 team switch grief

    I used to do this in TF2, but then I grew some balls.
  7. morganjp

    Hello there, I'm DoctorBig.

    Welcome to the forums. What games are you into?
  8. morganjp

    UK government to ban pornographic content

    Or you could just enter your postcode on that website. It's still taking interest in your elected representative.
  9. morganjp

    UK government to ban pornographic content

    But it's useful, especially if you don't know who your MP is because then you just enter your postcode.
  10. morganjp

    UK government to ban pornographic content

    Because then you wouldn't be able to use the community features.
  11. morganjp

    UK government to ban pornographic content

    Oh my god, I just thought. If they block gaming websites - would they block www.steampowered.com and www.steamcommunity.com ? Because if they do, then they've just rendered Steam useless. Since it runs using a custom web browser component.
  12. morganjp

    UK government to ban pornographic content

    http://www.writetothem.com/ Afterwards you can relax, and in typical Brit style, have a nice cuppa.
  13. morganjp

    My new AMD build

    Yeah I actually did some research into this. It's actually the Corsair CMPSU-800GUK Gaming Series GS800 High Performance 800W Power Supply. http://www.amazon.co...e/dp/B004WDY9OO
  14. morganjp

    UK government to ban pornographic content

    Sorry to have to bump this topic, but there seems to be a twist on this whole story. http://torrentfreak.com/uk-porn-filter-will-censor-other-content-too-isps-reveal-130726/ So this has been passed as a porn filter yet actually it blocks many other sites too, how deceiving. The blocks are also to target: Dating websites Websites regarding or relating to drugs, alcohol and tobacco File sharing websites Gambling websites Gaming websites Pornographic content Social networking websites Websites regarding or relating to self-harm and suicide Websites regarding or relating to weapons or violence So here's a quick list of some popular websites regarding everything listed above which will be blocked unless you systematically unblock the categories. match.com, eharmony.com, coors.com, fosters.com, stellaartois.com (clearly the best lager), mediafire.com, mega.co.nz, imm.io, photobucket.com, filestube.com, filecrop.com, 4shared.com, uploading.com, rapidshare.com, hotfile.com, depositfiles.com, fileserve.com, uploaded.com, 2shared.com, plunder.com, 888.com, miniclip.com, clubpenguin.com (oh noes! we must save club penguin from this blasphemy), pornhub.com, redtube.com, facebook.com, myspace.com, bebo.com, twitter.com.