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  1. Wkter

    I got a puppy!

    If you do, you can get a room all by yourself! No cats in your face this time o.o (We've moved)
  2. Wkter

    I got a puppy!

    Shiba inu! I KNOW X33 No >:c But if you are nearby sometime, you can pet her.
  3. Wkter

    I got a puppy!

    Her name is Kyo, and she's super cute! She's 9 weeks old now. Got her last Thursday, so I've only had her a few days, but it's proving to be a lot of work ^-^ It only took her 2 days to get used to the stairs, before that I had to carry her up and down. I put her in the middle of the stair, so she was forced to either go up or down on her own. Seems like it worked. Now I just have to make her stop peeing indoors. I sleep with her in my bed, and she hasn't peed there yet, thankfully, which is a good sign! (Yeah yeah... Such puppy, very doge. wow)
  4. I have no words. This is just too fucking glorious not to share.
  5. Wkter

    How Do I Edit A Minecraft Hacked Client?

    I'm a full-time C/C++ developer, I may go out on a limb here and say that I don't think you quite know what you're talking about :) Really, though, check out the threads in the links I gave you. They contain a ton of resources for you! "java byte editor" <- If you mean a hex editor for directly modifying Java bytecode, I'd strongly recommend against that. Bytecode is a whole different can of worms. But yeah, there may be a texture you can edit in the jar. Just open the jar in a zip program and extract them.
  6. Wkter

    How Do I Edit A Minecraft Hacked Client?

    How about learning the correct language first? Minecraft is written in Java, not Javascript. Big difference. We don't give step-by-step guides for beginners on these forums. We'll gladly point you in the right direction, but we won't do it for you. You have to learn to solve your own problems early on, else you'll never be a decent coder (and if you don't want to be a decent coder, you just want this one little thing, then you're in the wrong place). Not to mention, decompiling and hacking is complicated stuff. If you're completely new to coding, forget it. Learn how the language works first, then you can start hacking clients. There should plenty of resources in this sub-forum and this sub-forum to get you started. Read the threads there, try it out for yourself, and when you get stuck on an actual problem, we'll help you out.
  7. Wkter

    Computing GCSE and Python

    Oi, quit it, both of you. It's just a tongue-in-cheek fun-fun loop, nothing to get upset about. void main(){for(;;)new int[9];}
  8. Wkter

    Computing GCSE and Python

    I think Python is okay, but I won't use it unless I have to. I don't think very much about the whole "scoping by indention" deal. I know some people swear by it, claiming it makes it easier to read code written by others by enforcing strict formatting rules, but I'd rather write my code how I see fit. Ruby is pretty much the extreme opposite of Python. Two pieces of code that does exactly the same thing may look like two completely different languages. "There's more than one way of doing the same thing" is Ruby's philosophy, and that's much more in line of my way of thinking. I realize that people are different, think differently, learn differently and do the same thing differently, so I like languages that gives me the oppertunity to write code in a way that I understand. Of course this can cause a lot of headaches when trying to understand other peoples code, and it makes the language quite a lot harder to pick up initially. If I had to recommend a language to beginners, I'd rather show them Javascript than anything else to be honest. Javascript has a much lower entry point than both Python and Ruby (all you need is a browser, and everyone already has a brower), and it uses a C-style syntax. It may not be the prettiest or most useful of languages and you'll have to know at least a little bit of HTML to use it, but it'll get the job done of teaching you the basic concepts of programming (variables, functions, conditionals, loops, OOP, data types, etc.). So yeah. Python, it's okay, but not my cup of tea.
  9. Wkter

    Is aVo still doing minecraft griefing ?

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  10. Wkter

    Windows won't load after new PC build

    I remember reading somewhere that the Windows installer only installs the bare minimum it needs to run in terms of drivers (it "binds" itself to the hardware), so when you switch mobo, it won't have the proper drivers and stuff to run. It's one of the reasons why installing Windows on one computer, then moving the HDD to another one historically has been such a bitch. Although I have successfully installed Windows 7 in a VirtualBox onto a real physical HDD, then placed that HDD into a laptop. Booted without any problems what-so-ever. It's not really that easy to tell with Windows and it's closed source glory and pisspoor logging. What exactly happens when you try to start Windows normally?
  11. Wkter

    Global States - Questions

    Sometimes global variables are unavoidable, but that's quite rare, and some would argue it's never unavoidable. As a general rule of thumb, you should place your variables in the inner most scope you possibly can. For example, instead of FuckObject imporantStuff; // pretend this is defined somewhere... void someFunc() { importantStuff.fucks += 3; } void someOtherFunc() { importantStuff.fucks -= 1; } int main() { someFunc(); someOtherFunc(); printf("Amount of fucks given: %d\n", importantStuff.fucks); } Do this: void someFunc(FuckObject &importantStuff) { importantStuff.fucks += 3; } void someOtherFunc(FuckObject &importantStuff) { importantStuff.fucks -= 1; } int main() { FuckObject imporantStuff; // main() is currently the inner-most scope we can place this someFunc(importantStuff); someOtherFunc(importantStuff); printf("Amount of fucks given: %d\n", importantStuff.fucks); }
  12. I would like to challenge that. I've seen and used the term "coder" in a professional setting, and formal meetings. You could chalk that up to Norway being a rather informal country in general, but I'd say it just simply is easier to say "coder" than "programmer" when everyone knows what kind of people we're refering to. I do however agree that "programmer" is the actual correct term, and it's what I use to describe myself in a formal setting. I'm alive, by the way! I've just been super-busy and drained of energy lately. (Too much coding ;)
  13. Wkter

    Watch_Dogs (Pile of Shit)

    Maybe not, I like to pirate before buying multimedia too. But pirating a game (which obviously includes all sorts of shady cracks), then unfarily complaining about said game IS stupid. What the hell do you want, a refund? OH WAIT! Give me your gamer card, I'm confiscating it. Oh, and I bought the game for PS4. My complaints are not related to the performance at all. Not a single complaint. (Maybe except for the slowdown when it's saving, but really, it lags for 3 seconds then it's running smoothly again, so I don't care.) My complaints are mostly in the story. I'm really dissapointed that they didn't focus more on ctOS in the light of the NSA scandal, instead of focusing on a guy crying more about a kids death than her own mother... I also have a few complaints about bugs in the game. There was one point where you have to enter a club discretely to catch Defalt, but as soon as the mission started, I failed. The mission would restart, and I would instantly fail again. I had to reset my PS4 before I managed to get inside "discretely".
  14. Wkter

    The beast is here!

    Sweet computer is sweet. Hope you didn't just spend all that money on hardware alone, then cracked all your software!
  15. Wkter

    Annoying Visual Basic Error

    You could also be a moron, like this. (C++) char getGrade(unsigned int percent){ const char grades[] = ['F', 'F', 'F', 'F', 'E', 'D', 'C', 'B', 'A', 'A', 'A']; return grades[percent/10]; } Not sure how this translates to VB, but the basic idea is: Only look at the value in the 10s place, look that number up in an array, and return the character stored there. Just for fun: (Javascript) function getGrade(percent){ return Array('F', 'F', 'F', 'F', 'E', 'D', 'C', 'B', 'A', 'A', 'A')[Math.floor(percent/10)]; } (PHP) function getGrade($percent){ return array('F', 'F', 'F', 'F', 'E', 'D', 'C', 'B', 'A', 'A', 'A')[floor($percent/10)]; } (Ruby) def getGrade(percent) return ['F', 'F', 'F', 'F', 'E', 'D', 'C', 'B', 'A', 'A', 'A'][percent/10] end