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  1. Dustsucker

    Your typing speed?

    with 2 burnt fingertips. Edit: 1-up
  2. Dustsucker

    how do you deal with laziness?

    I tend to make to-do lists. Break down bigger goals into small chunks. Then start with the most important. It doesn't matter if you actually finish all things on your list, as long as it gets you started.
  3. Dustsucker


    Nice to hear some of you are enjoying it! My formal title on this project is engineer. This means I worked with the producer to get the sound he and the band envisioned. I recorded all of the bass, some guitars, some strings and piano. I also did all of the editing of individual tracks (drum editing, vocal tuning) and prepared the mix sessions. Every song consists of 300+ individual tracks, so we had to split them up into 4 separate protools sessions for each song. The music I do for "work" is quite different from what I do in my own time. Right now we're working on an album for this Helmut Lotti type singer. I'd never listen to it, but it's really fun to do.
  4. Dustsucker


    So some of you might remember I have worked as an engineer on a huge project for a couple of months last year. This may be the biggest project I've worked on in years to come. Now, it's finally been released and it's getting very positive reviews. Full album is free to stream on spotify and deezer, but both require (free) login. Tell me what you guys think of it. It may only cater to the taste of a couple of you, but I wanted to share this anyway because I'm very proud of how it all turned out.
  5. Dustsucker


    Granted, but it turns out she's your sister with aids. I wish I'll die happily of old age.
  6. Dustsucker

    you 'wut' you lose

    NSFW-ish: http://eatadick.nl/
  7. Dustsucker

    You Laugh, You Lose. Round V

    http://youtu.be/EoRR95zRVKI She wants the D.
  8. Dustsucker

    what song are you listening to right now?

    Not a song, but a really nice DnB set.
  9. Dustsucker

    April fools '14

    Heard any good jokes or hoaxes today? I just found this one: EDIT: there's something on your shirt.
  10. Dustsucker

    Plz Review my satire

    Nice stats, convincing story. Plugging out now.
  11. Dustsucker

    Goat Simulator

    I pre-ordered this a while back through humble bundle, thanks for reminding me!
  12. Maybe he did it because he heard people were mocking his haircut.
  13. Dustsucker

    You Laugh, You Lose. Round V

    Edit: fixed
  14. Dustsucker

    Frequency (EP)

    Really great job, really like it a lot! I'll see if I can fork out a little cash later today. Also: coincidence?