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  1. SecretSerenityx

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, but you are now a zombie. I wish I wasn't bored.
  2. SecretSerenityx

    I got a bunny

    He's really friendly but spoiled haha. He stomps his foot when he doesn't get his own way. Apparently getting him neutered will help with that and getting him litter trained though.
  3. SecretSerenityx

    I got a bunny

    Unfortunately not. Yesterday he peed on my bed.
  4. SecretSerenityx

    I got a bunny

    Meet my adopted son, Pebbles. I'm trying to teach him not to poop on the carpet.
  5. SecretSerenityx

    Where are you now in relation to when you joined the forum

    I was 14 when I joined the forums. I was mostly house bound, suffering from anorexia, anxiety and depression. I was also incredibly lonely, as I had become extremely distanced from my friends after being forced to leave school. I was home tutored for a while and then went on to attend medical tuition. Before joining the forums I had very little self confidence. I'm so grateful for all of the time I spent on here and the people that I've met. This forum really helped me to come out of my shell and become the person I am today. I honestly think the people I've met here and the support they gave me was a vital part of my recovery and one of the reasons I'm here, healthy, and doing so well today. I've also just resat my GCSEs because I didn't do as well as I believed I could've in school due to the circumstances. I'm incredibly happy with my results, having got 3 A*s and 5 As in 8 out of the 10 exams that I sat. I feel like I've had a second chance to prove myself and for that I'm incredibly thankful. I'm now 19 and going on to study A levels at college. Things are going well for me. :) Tl;dr: since joining the forums 5 years ago, I recovered from depression, kicked anorexia's ass, went from around 70 to almost 100 lbs, resat my qualifications and just generally got my shit together. Oh, and I have a cute hamster now.
  6. SecretSerenityx

    Help me name my hamster

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I've settled on Arty, although admittedly Cuntnugget was a close runner up.
  7. SecretSerenityx

    Help me name my hamster

    So I just got a Syrian hamster and I need a name for this little guy! He's 5 weeks and 4 days old. I'm currently leaning towards Arty (short for Arthur) but any suggestions would be great. Also bonus pic of his tank.
  8. I just like to check in from time to time to see how everyone is doing.
  9. SecretSerenityx

    political compass

  10. SecretSerenityx

    Pokemon Go

    I just hit level 11, and I'm on Team Mystic. I was wondering how you guys get such high CP Pokemon though, do you catch them like that or have you powered them up? The strongest I've caught is a 330 CP Drowzee, but I haven't powered any up so far because I read it's not worth it until higher levels. Also is anybody else experiencing the bug that makes it show all Pokemon as being 3 paws away constantly? It's made hunting Pokemon fairly unplayable for me.
  11. SecretSerenityx

    EU Referendum

    I voted to stay. Regarding the £350 million a week figure rakiru mentioned that UKIP pulled out of their arses, Nigel Farage has said that was a "mistake": (Sorry I'm on mobile so I can't embed the video right now.)
  12. SecretSerenityx


    Hello, welcome to the forums!
  13. SecretSerenityx

    My confidence

    I definitely agree with the "fake it til you make it" advice. It's what helped me. I totally understand the texting somebody when you're right next to them, my first relationship was like that too haha. Go to social outings even if you're nervous. I know that's easier said than done, but the chances are you'll have a great time once you're there. When I'm going out with new people I usually only feel awkward and shy for a little bit. Once everybody engages in conversation it's much easier to join in rather than having to initiate a conversation yourself. Try not to dwell too much on this occasion, you'll be invited to many more things in the future. :) Also continuing from what BeeJesus said, make sure you're eating healthy and exercising regularly as well. You'll feel way better about yourself.
  14. SecretSerenityx


    Hello, welcome to the forums!
  15. SecretSerenityx

    What paranormal thing do you believe in/Find interesting?

    It's quite funny you posted this actually. My boyfriend and I actually went on a ghost tour of a castle last night. There was no trying to contact ghosts or anything like that, just a tour guide leading you around the castle in the dark whilst talking about the history and previous paranormal experiences past families had in the building. I'm not sure whether I believe in ghosts, I've always been very skeptical, but something really weird happened last night. We'd almost finished the tour with no weird experiences whatsoever other than a cold breeze which my boyfriend and I both felt and him seeing a sort of mist/smoke which I couldn't see. But then we got to the library and as soon as we were outside the room I felt freezing cold. I was literally shivering which my boyfriend found really weird since apparently the temperature hadn't changed. I just brushed that off as nothing since like I said, I don't really believe in ghosts. So anyway, we got to the library and as soon as we entered the room I felt weirdly drawn to a doorway on our left. This was before the tour guide had even told us any of the stories regarding the library. I tried to ignore it at first but very soon I wasn't paying attention to the tour and just staring into this doorway. The best way to describe the feeling was that I felt compelled to go over there. I'm aware this sounds crazy, but the next part is even crazier. I started seeing a shadow figure kind of pacing back and forth between the doorway. Not a person, it was far too small to be a person. At first I thought it could be a small child but then it looked more like it could be a big dog. So I'm just stood there, staring into the doorway trying to figure out what I was seeing. All throughout the tour I'd been paying very close attention to the guide, listening intently to what he was saying, but now I wasn't listening at all. My boyfriend noticed this and gave me a weird look asking if I was okay. I said yeah and that I just thought I could see something but I was still focused on the doorway, feeling like I had to go over there for whatever reason. I eventually pulled my attention back to the tour, when he started talking about people who had felt something from the doorway (to which I was thinking oh shit). My boyfriend immediately started nudging me and the tour guide then asked me if I'd experienced anything since I'd been so distracted. We were with a group of people so I downplayed it, just saying I'd felt weirdly drawn to the doorway but not mentioning that I'd seen anything because I didn't want to seem like a lunatic. The guide then went on to explain that I wasn't the only person who had felt that. He then started telling the story of somebody who had seen a guard dog, and even people hearing growling, without me even mentioning what I'd seen. I'm not sure if it was just my mind overreacting because of the darkness or what. I'm sure there's a rational explanation and I'm still not sure whether I believe in ghosts but it was a very strange coincidence. My boyfriend found it funny that I'd seen a ghost dog and I study animal management. He now calls me the ghost dog Whisperer. tl;dr I may have seen a ghost dog