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  1. 117

    Two PNY SSD on Ubuntu

    eww You may need To format the drive and set up the proper RAID configuration if you are attempting to use two drives as one.
  2. So I know some of you are fans of Halo series and even more of halo on PC, recently Microsoft asked the Eldewrito team to stop hosting links to download their software due to IP infringement (No not internet Protocol you nerd Intelectual property) coincidentally just as the 0.6 update just released. later the Eldewrito took down the download links and the Halo team at Microsoft stated they are working to better serve the Halo community. Personally, I hope they release a halo pc collection, with a mod/mapping support but I highly doubt they will. The community speculates an official Halo 3 PC and maybe Halo CE and 2 remaster on PC. What are your thoughts on the events?
  3. 117

    What time do you go to bed?

    I go to sleep at 3:30 to 4 am if I don't drug myself to sleep. Otherwise, I aim for falling asleep around 11-11:30 PM Someone send help.
  4. 117

    Stephen Hawking is dead

    Professor, Hawking once stated that everything after age 21 has been a bonus Indeed Rest in Peace. Too bad he never accomplished his life dream.
  5. 117

    spacing, which do you prefer of these two?

    yeah number 2 for me.
  6. 117


    The man is a comedian for sure, but the two long talks are not as funny as the others. Birth and death of js had a good bit of satire. Still, both longer talks are funny though.
  7. 117

    The FCC officially votes to kill the internet

    T-Mobile sends users a text message after x amount of data used and the bandwidth is lowered; The way internet is under Title 2 enforces companies to treat it similar to an electricity bill, at a fixed rate; So then we agree on how we should all be able to do whatever it is we please (Within legal parameters) with our internet connection, similar to other utilities. would you like to upgrade to the high energy consumption package which allows you to use the following: Microwave oven, Dryers, Hairdryers, refrigerators, heaters and so much more.
  8. 117

    The FCC officially votes to kill the internet

    T-mobile has a bandwidth cap. and part of the problem is somewhere in the 75% range is I think just on steaming. I don't know for sure, I read this statistic a while back I feel it may be wrong. but the point is what the majority of people do on the internet is high bandwidth already, meaning let us just downgrade everyone to idk 128 Kbps from say 10 Mbps which I believe TWC was having a publicity issue due to them delivering slower speeds than what was being promised. (Customers were upset because they were paying for High-speed Internet but got slowed speeds)
  9. 117

    The FCC officially votes to kill the internet

    I think the question is what services use higher bandwidth which would be things like gaming, social media, file sharing, and streaming.
  10. 117

    The make fun of rakiru game

    Is this even a game?
  11. 117

    hi haha its 6 am and i cant fall asleep idk why

    get this person their DRANK!
  12. 117

    hi haha its 6 am and i cant fall asleep idk why

    guys, I think we can all agree that at least it's not a Pepsi. we'd need an exorcism.
  13. 117

    Human Nature

    Either you have been in deep philosophical thought or you have been smoking some weed. I've been taught Human Nature is defined as characteristics that separate people from animals mostly brain functions like thoughts and emotions and behaving on the two. and just because humans from a time ago did not have computers it means they were not smart, in one way of thinking of it we have the communications technology we have now due to a need and interest in communication technology during the early to mid 20th-century the technology that would later become integrated circuit systems. we used the knowledge and needs of the previous era is the 19th-century industrial technology where machines were created for the mass production of goods which was created by a previous age of needs and interests of an agrarian philosophical age, and that age was only spawned in from previous and so on. It may seem like it came out of nothing but it is obvious especially in recent history we have come as far as what we have only due to an interest or need (Cold War for technology I feel you are referring to.). The Romans, although could have benefited from integrated circuits, did not have a need for the previous steps to achieve said technology. It seems we simply followed a path that more or less by coincidence led us to where we are. If the Romans perhaps began a pursuit of philosophy to question their beliefs (aka Scientific method) which led to a society of philosophy and so on the Romans perhaps would if not irresponsibly ended the world with atomic weapons be having the same question, but the Romans had no need for a renaissance so to say. If this is a bit rambly I'm sorry its late been really busy. I hope what I've said make sense haven't taken any courses on philosophy but I've thought of things similar to this and this is just my conclusion. If Romans are too recent you can replace it with Mesopotamians same overall Outcome. you need you get if you go in the right direction. I'm sure centuries from now people will see our time as we do those of our ancestors.
  14. 117

    Fortnite Developer Epic Games Suing Cheaters

    The way I see it is that by finding exploits and using them it keeps devs from becoming lazy. For example, if you make a game and you hear rumors of players turning on god mode but you don't know how you would probably try and figure out the exploit and then try to patch it and maybe even add more features. And I agree with: because the game on the server side isn't being modified only on the end-user side, on top of that it is just a game why would anyone have to go so low as to sue. The neat thing is that the kid is fourteen and maybe he is a script kiddie but I think the kid might end up getting an interest in writing his own code and what kind of software company would be against kids learning about software? lol No, but I can see where the developers stand I hope (Keeping the game fair) and not something petty, but honestly, stop being lazy and patch your game. On a personal note, I'm against people who distribute their cheats sometimes because it gets patched faster, think of the games that have had dev or user patches done due to distributors or communities rapid patching. Honestly tho I am tired and just putting my mind to it Also, I wrote this like at 3:something and the connection went out so sorry if this seems a bit late.
  15. 117

    retarded insults thread

    You dummy Or just repeat what someone said ie: meanie reply: meanie