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  1. Pull-Peg


    yeah i like to write emotional poetry when I feel depressed ---------- The summer twilight clouds, floating helplessly above us My summer midnight frowns, drowned so well in red and so say you I go, and I do, lie weeping tears of fire unto my bed. Your summer afternoon smiles, held up so carefully by unknown futures; a path not taken, a promise shattered, a catapult of vitriolic bile. Another day, suspended in the half light, floating, gleaming in summer twilight. ---------- take that literature
  2. Pull-Peg

    My brethren and I are angry. [TRIGGER WARNING: ANGER]

    Wasn't a troll; more an attempt at satire. Apparently I've chosen the wrong audience.
  3. Pull-Peg

    My brethren and I are angry. [TRIGGER WARNING: ANGER]

    Apparently I'm bad at satire. Whoops.
  4. Do you see anything wrong with these two images? No? Cis scum like you wouldn't. God, your privilege just makes me so mad. Take a look again? Anything? Not a glimmer of recognition or understanding from your power hungry man eyes? The patriarchy has blinded you. Look beyond your constantly erect penises to the oppression you have brought upon myself and others like me. You still don't see it? Well, then I guess I have to go and just s-p-e-l-l it out for you, huh? Look at them. Look at the oppression it represents, the heartache it has caused. THERE ARE ONLY TWO GENDERS! TWO! T-W-O! Gender isn't some binary thing! You can't just define someone's gender based on if they have a penis or not! You have to open your minds, cis scum! Transethnic otherkin like myself are constantly being marginalized by cis oppressors like you. We don't deserve to be marginalized. We are a huge organization of people (and animals, btw mine is a wolf because you didn't ask, EVER) with connections. Deep connections. I know people in high places. Not to mention my tumblr where I blog about my struggle has over 200 followers, and only HALF of them are cis bottom feeders like you. Here are my demands. Unless you change the gender selection system to encompass Male, Female, Transsexual, Transethnic, Transspecies, Transbloodtype, Otherkin, Pokekin, excisscum, Dinosaurkin, Alienkin, Kinkin, Transage and Underwaterplantkin I will unleash my army of 200+ followers upon your website! They will wreak havoc amongst these pages, and I warn you, my animal brethren are not as tame as I. You have one Lunar cycle to respond, cis scum. (I stay away from traditional methods of time keeping because they were inspired by the ultra oppressive Christian calendar)
  5. Pull-Peg

    I'm going to see Neutral Milk Hotel

    Fuck, man! I am so jealous. The only chance I get to see them is next year in Barcelona, but it is 3 days before I get out of exams. 3 DAYS. It's a whole Elephant 6 festival as well, so I'm missing out on pretty much all my favorite bands :L fuckin' scottish school system.
  6. Pull-Peg

    Departures Thread!

    You ever wanted to brag about where you're travelling to internet strangers without seeming pretentious? Well here's your chance! Just copy out this super easy format and fill in relevant information, and you'll be on your way to e-peen growth. Name: Where you're going: Where you came from: When you're going: When you're coming back: How you're getting there: Do you like Piña coladas: I'll start. Name: Sven Where you're going: Umbria, Italy Where you came from: l'aude, France When you're going: 5 days ago When you're coming back: 12th of August How you're getting there: Ryanair, king of asshole airlines. Do you like Piña coladas: They're OK, I guess. Take it home, boys!
  7. Pull-Peg

    Well, it's been 1 year

    yeah well almost 2 years for me so... nyeh. take that fgt.
  8. Pull-Peg

    French Robber Escapes From Prison Using Explosives

    Luckily this wanker is nowhere near my area of la France.
  9. Pull-Peg

    So I bought a Motorcycle

    Fuck those people. If I decide to buy a bike, I'll do exactly what I want to do to it. Nothing tasteless or stupid of course, but I'm not going to bend over backwards to please some silly elitist. Oh yeah, they're pretty expensive so I imagine I'll need to do quite a bit of saving up before I can get one, not to mention go though a bunch of different license tests so I can drive a motorcycle of that calibre. I imagine I wouldn't have one until my early 30's or so.
  10. Pull-Peg

    Depression Quest

    You can get a few different endings, but one that I had was relatively happy. More OT: Holy shit man, this game is... depressing. I found myself sympathising with the main character quite a bit.
  11. Pull-Peg

    So I bought a Motorcycle

    Looking into getting a motorcycle in the future, and I'll probably start with some cheapo one. But my dream motorcycle is this: The Triumph Bonneville T100. A bit cliche, but goddamn what a beautiful piece of machinery.
  12. Pull-Peg

    Great news everyone!

    Wow. That sounds so incredibly cool. Send me some antimatter will ya?
  13. Pull-Peg

    Voices that you just want to hump

    Eddie Vedder, fo sho. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfhsRIDh1RQ He did a collab with Julian Casablancas not long ago for the B-side of You Only Live Once. So happy this is a thing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVm_EkoKMPY
  14. Pull-Peg

    musical instruments

    Drums, bit of piano, bit of guitar.
  15. Pull-Peg

    I'm being an oldfag, deal with it

    Yeah, ok. I'll bite.