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  1. Wow A Deer

    Whacka mole competition

    I just lost a whacka mole competition and i hit every "mole" FML how is that even possible?
  2. Wow A Deer

    Does Anyone Know How to Make a Client On a MAC?

    Java^ herp? Im learning it but it'll take me a couple millenia before i even touch minecraft.
  3. Wow A Deer

    Im about to grief a server but i need a client

    Contact me in about 2 years and maybe ill have a client i can give you. But still picka will be better than it.
  4. Wow A Deer

    Avolition iPhone Wallpaper

    Lmao i bet you print screened the avolition symbol braught it into paint then cropped it.
  5. Wow A Deer


    Do you think he made his name ryhme with yo on purpose?
  6. Wow A Deer

    Ace of Spades

    I play it a bit it's actually pretty fun at that.
  7. Wow A Deer

    [Tool] Unlocker XP (v0.30 Beta)

    Thank you for uploading XD
  8. Wow A Deer

    Kicking with packets?

    Command kick initialized after "name" does a set event. Just a guess though i don't actually now what to do.
  9. Wow A Deer

    Magicka PvP

    When you said "best" trailer i'd ever see i was really doubting you. Then i watched that trailer.... I will no loner ever doubt you again.
  10. Wow A Deer

    Minecraft Griefing pics

    Actuallyy he screwed up 3 times 1st regular than (1) and finaly (2)
  11. Wow A Deer


    I personally could see it happening to me. I recently kicked someone out of my team and i'm surprised he didn't try to release the client because he mad. Who knows what someone could do after a few grams of weed (he smokes marijuana). MARIJUANA IS SO BAD FOR YOU, RIGHT KRYSK? Do you remember anything about that from one of your videos, Krysk? Huh, Krysk? Do ya, Krysk? After reading that post i'm starting to wonder if your on weed.
  12. Wow A Deer


    After about 2 minutes of close inspection i noticed the guy in the back wearing a balaclava X_X