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  1. any particular reason you gave me a negative?

    1. iPickedScout


      Because I didn't like your post, that's what downvoting is for. And for the record, I'll excuse it since you're new here, but if you go ahead and make a comment every time someone downvotes a post of yours, you aren't going to be liked.

  2. Jetnoia

    Caption the Avatar above you!

    not sure if this was here or not so i thought screw it. problem? anywho I obviously can start it but you can. off you go. do it. now. -J
  3. Jetnoia

    Allow me to introduce myself

    i do sometimes wear glasses but i wear contacts. they are blood red. and i have a cat. that is possibly one of the reasons why im single X.X i may be getting TF2 so who knows :P -J
  4. Jetnoia

    Allow me to introduce myself

    i quite like a variety of games it just depends on my mood. alot of the time i play minecraft or grand theft auto. Now my music on the other hand is what i am passionate about most. my music does vary alot aswell but mainly im into Avenged sevenfold, Black veil brides and linkin park. Sometimes i listen to muse, Paramore and Metallica but it is mainly those 3 . my interests are usually computers and music. i am the person im my group of friends that wears the hat. so yes, i do like hats. games are answered above i loved the harry potter series and the hunger games. with coding i have only done some very basic HTML coding. Jetnoia originated because i was making a Youtube account and my friends call me 'Jet" so i was thinking of a sufix and thought stuff it ill just put on noia at the end of it. because adding noia on the end of everything makes it more awesome. I am 15 Years old :P -J
  5. Jetnoia

    Allow me to introduce myself

    My name is Jetnoia if you cant read it above. I'm not sure what to put on these "introduction things" so i will just leave it blank and if anyone wants to ask me any questions do feel free. -J