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  1. TRUrthstripe117

    Video Card Upgrade Help

    I'm either getting a new computer, or simply updating a video card, not fully decided. I have a PSU of 280w and a GeForce 210 video card. If you need any other specs I can update this thread later since I have to head out soon. But post any suggestions and I'll get back to them.
  2. TRUrthstripe117

    Help with computer build

    Thx man, I appreciate the help.
  3. TRUrthstripe117

    Help with computer build

    First things first, i'm an idiot when it comes to building a computer. Just some suggestions for computer parts that can run games with high quality without too much lag. I'm willing to spend between $600-$800, most likely a little over. All suggestions will be of help and are appreciated.
  4. TRUrthstripe117

    Recommended camera for skype

    I'm not low on cash, but i prefer a camera under $75 since I don't want to spend a whole fuck ton on a single camera.
  5. TRUrthstripe117

    Recommended camera for skype

    I've been wanting a camera to use on skype with a few friends, but I'm not entirely which one to get. I'm looking for a good quality reliable camera compatible with skype and any extra cords to hook up to my PC. Any suggestions and perferable a link to the camera from the maker's site will be helpful to me.
  6. TRUrthstripe117

    NSFW Donald Duck

    Video is a few years old, don't know how many people have actually seen this, but it's fuckin hilarious. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=0t75x7lxPaE
  7. TRUrthstripe117

    I don't even (NSFW)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fS1uDnIPTvo I would love for someone to tell me what in the blue hell is going on in this video. I've seen it lots of times, showed it to most of my friends, and we still can't come up with what is happening in this video. EDIT: I found the full video, it's 14 minutes long.
  8. TRUrthstripe117

    Livestream issues

    I will get it to work eventually, just keep watching if you have nothing to do.
  9. TRUrthstripe117

    Livestream issues

    I had no clue why why fraps was open But, I thought i tested both monitors, apparently i didn't. After some reviewing, I dun goof'd :P Thank you for the simple fix
  10. TRUrthstripe117

    Livestream issues

    I'm trying to use xsplit broadcaster for this livestreaming, it has fine audio/video quality, but it has this repeating crap and I don't really know how to fix it. Any suggestions are accepted and appreciated. http://gyazo.com/04d413b3a1e91aa797c4c9adce9ed041 - Picture of what it looks like
  11. TRUrthstripe117

    (late) Introduction

    I've played quite a bit of it, but it's not one of the games I would play a lot of.
  12. TRUrthstripe117

    (late) Introduction

    Its TRUrthstripe (Just call me Urth or Urthstripe), I've been a member for little over a year now, just never made an introduction. Anyways, I mainly play games all day, but I will be taking classes on Computer Programming and maybe Computer Maintenance. I've been around computers all my life, my mom and dad worked for EA and UO (Ultima Online). Use to be part of Team Revision til it was disbanded :'( Games I play would be World of Warcraft(all expansions, excluding MoP), league of legends (LordUrhtstripe, yes the H and T are backwards, deal with it), not so much minecraft as of now, Diablo 3, planetside2 (since it came out today), and a few flash games on the internet. That's basically it. Also, any recommendations of games would be nice. I'm waiting to get Dishonored and a few other games.
  13. TRUrthstripe117

    What Do You Want For Christmas?

    I've already got my eye on dishonored since I was lazy and didn't want to buy it earlier, i figured now is the best time.
  14. TRUrthstripe117

    (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    What in the blue hell did I just listen to? What in the blue hell did I just listen to?
  15. TRUrthstripe117

    Mists of Pandaria

    Yea, I noticed it came out on the 25th when i posted it. This is mainly for those who didn't know if it came out yet or just forgot about it (like me).