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  1. Maniakdude

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, but at mentioning it, you are chained in bed and have unholy things done to you by Sinkip. I wish that the rest of my new computer parts were here and functional.
  2. Maniakdude

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, but you get a celebratory gangbang with several well-endowed guys. (with you as the catcher) I wish that I was good at Dank Souls 1 for PC.
  3. Maniakdude

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, but all of the women are now far more intelligent than you to compensate. I wish that I wasn't bad at League of Laggers. (League of Legends)
  4. Maniakdude

    Corrupt A Wish

    Skipping Kite because no corruption. Granted, but you are now a trap, Sirenfal. I wish I had a partner/lover.
  5. Maniakdude

    Diablo 3 Years Later

    It is easily the black sheep of the trilogy.
  6. Maniakdude

    League of Legends Runes - 2018

    No love for Godyr or MF? But ye, vi is pretty interesting. Never got much chance to try her.
  7. Maniakdude

    League of Legends Runes - 2018

    I'd be happy to if I didn't get a little too much enjoyment out of making random people cry out of frustration, regardless of team.
  8. Maniakdude

    I got a bunny

    Naughty bunny. What is his temperament like?
  9. Maniakdude

    League of Legends Runes - 2018

    With preseason of 2018, Riot decided to update the rune system. The new runes open up a fair bit of gameplay options, with some being better for certain champions or playstyles. I've seen Wukong become somewhat viable again, as well as other off-meta champions becoming rather horrifying. What are some of your thoughts of the new rune system? Adding a screenshot for example.
  10. Maniakdude

    I got a bunny

    Any luck with the house-training?
  11. Maniakdude

    I threw was my pen

    My life. Welcome to the forums, man.
  12. Maniakdude

    Starcraft remastered

    It looks like the game is free with the most recent patch on Blizzard's online store. I regret buying it when I was in trade school.
  13. Maniakdude


    I guess that one could say that putting up with me is a bit of a real punishment.
  14. Maniakdude


    Where do all the astronauts like to relax?