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  1. Benjamin_Akala

    Best/Fun LoL matches

    Congrats on that. Meanwhile I will continue to play badly like the trash I am. (Forever bronze!) Anyways. I decided to buy Yorick to see what all the hype about him being strong is and this is the result from my first game as him. http://matchhistory....83033?tab=stats
  2. Benjamin_Akala

    what song are you listening to right now?

    Oh, just let me oh.
  3. Benjamin_Akala

    Best/Fun LoL matches

    Assess the threat.
  4. Benjamin_Akala

    Recent League of Legends exploit regarding Ashe

    This was actually pretty funny to manipulate people into taking ashe support and fiora top just to purposely screw them over.
  5. Benjamin_Akala

    Best/Fun LoL matches

    Thresh + Fiora top is too strong.
  6. Benjamin_Akala

    "When I grow up"

    When I grow up, I want to die.
  7. Benjamin_Akala

    Best/Fun LoL matches

    I absolutely melted Trynd and J4. It took 4v1 constantly to take me down but not without 2 of them getting popped first. :D
  8. Benjamin_Akala

    Hai thur, I'm Hannah.

    Hi there Hannah. Nice to see another Kangaroo around these forums besides Kave and Aspie. Love the use of the Johnny Depp photo too :D
  9. Have you seen my bear, Tibbers?

  10. Benjamin_Akala

    Sick Days

  11. Benjamin_Akala

    a normal psycho guy coming through

    Just realised I downrep'd My bad DX Anyways, sorry for not being able to say welcome earlier but issues around my current household have been a mess lately. Good luck!
  12. Benjamin_Akala

    Popularity Contest

    It was really hard to decided between Eon and Dej. I would ignore my anti-substance thing just to have a drink with Eon. However with DJ, I would sit there and take it like a bitch. FUCKING DECISIONS. Edit: I chose DJ.
  13. Benjamin_Akala

    Pokemon Friend Codes?

    Mine is 0447-5803-6535 Till I can get a new 3DS Also if anyone is in need of certain starters, I have: Chespin, Froakie, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Todadile and Mudkip and would be willing to trade them. They all have pokerus too if that perks anyone's interest?
  14. Benjamin_Akala

    New Years resolutions and such

    Fix things with Jess. Get a stable household. Get a Part-time job while studying on the side. Start doing Youtube videos. (Been meaning to do this one for 4 years now.) Finish my fanfiction and story that I have put on haitus for a year and a half now. So many things to do. So little time.