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  1. majesty327

    Relationship Advice.

    Why does you getting some distance from her equal breaking up? You can just have busy lives but moments of special time. Love isn't being with the other person every second, otherwise work is the equivalent to hardcore porn. Love is wanting to be with someone every second. You don't have to actually break up with her. I'll say this. Between working a part time job, and going to college full time, and now between working both a full time job and a part time job, I still have plenty of time for dates. It's simply a matter of how much you actually care about her. Would you wake up an hour early to go out for breakfast with her? Would you sacrifice this small amount of personal time to see her? It doesn't need to be every week. She doesn't need her tongue on yours every minute. Just know that adulthood is realizing that you can have a relationship, without being with her every moment. What's most important is you doing what's right for you. You can break up with her now, but at the moment I'd say you have no direct proof you need to. College is easier, and less time consuming than highschool. It's more fast paced. So you'll definitely have time. I mean fuck, how do you think people in college have time to get gonorrhea?
  2. majesty327

    Diablo 3 Years Later

    I agree with both. In a sense it's the "real" Diablo 3. Considering it's both an expansion, and a refinement of mechanics and ideas defined by Diablo 2. The only thing I really care for with Diablo 3, is that legendaries directly modify abilities and ability effects. But Grim Dawn's open ended character development, its innumerable combinations and possibilities for driving character development, and its truly wonderful story and art take it to that next level. I love Diablo 2, but Grim Dawn is a better game with a better story, and much better progression. Proper multiplayer would be a good idea. What I'd love to see is a cleric type character, or potentially a bard type character.
  3. majesty327

    Diablo 3 Years Later

    Diablo 3 has the appeal of a slot machine. It's a simple, repetitive game that has a lot of visual appeal, and has the appeal of RNG generated progression over player-driven progression. I like the ideas of the game. But Grim Dawn and Path of Exile easily surpass it. But then again I strongly feel that Grim Dawn is a MUCH better game than any game you care to mention in the Diablo series.
  4. majesty327


    Yeah, DPRK can't really do anything but whine like a bitch. They'll eventually be forced to realize that their massive resource deposits under their feet are worth compromising their antagonistic relationship with the US, and Juche as a whole. ***EDIT*** Nevermind fellas, we already won the war. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/north-korea-missile-hit-city-accident-nuclear-war-ballistic-tests-chonsin-dong-tokchon-a8141481.html
  5. majesty327

    The FCC officially votes to kill the internet

    In general I think a lot of people that state "muh invisible hand" don't take into account things such as infrastructure and monopolies. Internet has become a necessity in our daily lives. You can't apply for a job, or take a college course without interacting with a computer and the internet along the way. While I am sure that privatization of internet can happen sometime in the future, it has not reached that critical mass of infrastructure or technology or competitiveness to make it sustainable or pro-consumer. Remember that we need businesses and services to work for us, not to rip us off, as is the status quo today. My feeling is that that the state can behave in ways more altruistic and solution based, and less profit driven, and this is what we need to provide a more free and open internet. So I think the internet being regarded as a public utility, at least for the moment, is a good thing, because it can prevent monopolistic practices and abusive behavior that would otherwise prevent growth and stagnate industry a la 19th century American railroad trusts. A free and open internet can happen, just not today. I cannot pretend to be completely knowledgeable, and I'm mostly talking out of my ass, but if I am wrong, please correct me and tell me where.
  6. majesty327

    The FCC officially votes to kill the internet

    We need Net Neutrality, but the Net Neutrality bill is not the Net Neutrality we asked for or needed. The issue is more complex than most think. Either or this is why we have checks and balances. The realistic problem with not having a net neutrality act is infrastructure. While yes, in an ideal market economy, when one company gets too big for its britches, it is broken up or competed against. With telecommunications not so much. Telecom demands massive investment in infrastructure, especially if said infrastructure is privately owned a la a private road. Because of the big upfront investment in infrastructure, young companies are less likely to offer competitive prices or a usable service, and would probably end up starving to death. This frees up major telecom companies to be abusive on a whim.
  7. majesty327

    The make fun of rakiru game

    I don't like to make fun of retarded kids. Sorry.
  8. majesty327

    retarded insults thread

    >retarded insults The people that inhabit these forums are perfect for insults of that nature.
  9. majesty327

    I put a nice camo paint job on my rifle

    Not to offend but it looks like you scraped the fiberglass with a piece of sandpaper of varying roughness and thickness.
  10. majesty327

    Fortnite Developer Epic Games Suing Cheaters

    To an extent I agree with suing cheaters. Especially if there's any financial component to it, such as premium features or freemium crap. This can be as disruptive to a business as shattering the display glass at a deli and throwing salami to people. Having said that, modifying software isn't, and should not be illegal. So it's kind of in this weird grey area where creating and installing and making a cheat client isn't and shouldn't be illegal, but using one is. Does he deserve to lose $140k on it? Maybe. The issue is precedent, and I think that's more the point of the lawsuit, than enforcement. They don't want $140k from this kid specifically, they want to scare people away from using cheat clients. Rampant cheaters murder games and can collapse a business. But rampant cheaters are also a product of stupid or lazy devs. I'm talking out of my ass, it's more my own thoughts. Feel free to correct me where I'm wrong.
  11. majesty327

    Ask me anything about my service

    ...Have you just been fucking standing there for a month? Have you left that spot? Do they feed you? How have you survived this long? do they know you exist?
  12. majesty327

    Ask me anything about my service

    If you like a sore shoulder and back in exchange for a bullet that is only marginally more lethal.
  13. majesty327

    What if I am not real or none of you are real or

    Hi. Welcome to basic philosophy 101. Now ask yourself if whether we are real or not matters at all. If you are the only thing that is real, then what matters to you and what changes your behavior is also real. Or are you reacting to something that isn't real? The point of subjectivity is that your chunk of reality is only real to you. What matters is how the things that are real to you change your behavior.
  14. majesty327

    Ask me anything about my service

    Oh god I hate 7.62. Use 5.56 like a decent human being.
  15. majesty327

    hi im new

    Hi new, I'm dad.