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  1. Poisonedzero21

    Hello World

    I also check in from time to time, I was never really active and I was a lot younger when I posted on here. It's mostly just for nostalgia's sake, there is something interesting going on, or that there is some quality shitposting here.
  2. Poisonedzero21

    So I'm back (I'm a loser who you probably don't remember)

    Oh yeah that "car crash" that storm "died" to. I mean unless its not really storm going on his account on the forums since this last november... RIGHT? it must NOT be him
  3. I'm tired and remembered these forums were a thing. What's up? All I know is I used to visit this shit in 2011-2012? Almost 5 years later since I joined and I'm becoming an adult this upcoming year. I remember being a 12 years old raving about aVo like they're the god damn Internet Heroes. What'd I miss these last almost 4 years?
  4. Poisonedzero21

    my highschool is worse than yours

    tbh my school is also "The Spartans" (Schurr High School) and this is making me feel so bad to have that name.
  5. Poisonedzero21

    confession thread

    To be completely honest my name is Alexis and yes I am the few males that live up to the names original usage.
  6. Poisonedzero21

    What was the first game to ever make you cry

  7. Poisonedzero21

    SWF Thread

  8. Poisonedzero21

    SWF Thread

    I saw the second one from a fucking mile away
  9. Poisonedzero21

    The Avatar Above You....

    Looking at some hardcore porn aren't you?
  10. Poisonedzero21

    What books did you read when you were young?

    I was really into novels when i was a kid
  11. Poisonedzero21

    What is your biggest non-griefing achievement?

    Making water flow up.
  12. Poisonedzero21

    Prizes, not what I expected. . .

    RK used charm, sleep powder, harden, pound, and string shot! Its super effective! Umreon has recovered from sleep! Umbreon used screech! RKs defence went down! Umbreon used Quick Attack! Rk fainted RK blacked out!
  13. Poisonedzero21

    Favorite minecrafter on the youtubes?

    Kutjmac awesome voice and interesting series.
  14. Poisonedzero21

    Movies vs. TV

    spiderman vs cartoon spiderman wat