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  1. FattyMcHotStack

    Your perspective on smoking

    @Majesty: I don't think you meant to quote me because not only am I not 13 but I don't smoke anything. xD
  2. FattyMcHotStack

    Ohaii! I'm Pikachews!

    Hello and welcome to the forums! I doodled a pikachu earlier but they are too cute to chew on. D:
  3. FattyMcHotStack


    I love how many people got trolled in this thread.
  4. FattyMcHotStack

    Young me was such a badass.

    I was probably crying because it's all velvety feeling and I hate the feeling of velvet. Also, there's two other pictures to this... Urgh.
  5. FattyMcHotStack

    A Day To Remember

    You had me at hello, Church.
  6. FattyMcHotStack

    Your perspective on smoking

    Smoking is icky and kissing smokers is even more icky. Bleh. (I wouldn't date a smoker nope nope nope.)
  7. FattyMcHotStack

    Young me was such a badass.

    I wish I knew Vagrant. I wish I knew. STOP ASKING ME SUCH HARD QUESTIONS OR ELSE: Hehehe wasn't I just adorable? >.>
  8. FattyMcHotStack

    Young me was such a badass.

    I thought you had Captain Planet on your shirt. I have no idea what it is now but I realized it is in fact not Captain Planet so you lost at least one badassery point. Also, we had very similar haircuts. (FML)
  9. FattyMcHotStack

    For Happy Llama

    The yucky kind too. :c
  10. FattyMcHotStack

    What boards of 4chan do you browse?

    I miss you. Baby come back. <3
  11. FattyMcHotStack

    Weirdest Eating Habit

    Me too bro. Me too.
  12. FattyMcHotStack


    Why are there so many guys in that call?
  13. FattyMcHotStack

    What boards of 4chan do you browse?

    /b/ and only /b/. Well.../vg/ sometimes but rarely.
  14. FattyMcHotStack

    Don't talk to girls when you are drunk...

    Why am I in parenthesis? Also you were clearly not there for the dance party that Niiyu and I had with Nessosin while Strum just DJ'd all on webcam. (Strum is best DJ btw)
  15. FattyMcHotStack

    Just a little lesson about women's jewelry for you soon to be men

    I think it's a beautiful gesture and gift, Carver. <3 I'm glad she loved it.