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  1. Valkyrie

    we still active on the forums or nah

    this software is nonfree as fuck, please get me out
  2. Valkyrie


  3. Valkyrie

    Hello World

    I'm still here. I usually just play whatever my friends are in the mood to play assuming I own the game. Otherwise I'm just studying.
  4. Valkyrie

    What time do you go to bed?

    One hour later each day.
  5. Valkyrie

    Reliant Torch Annihilator

    I wouldn't reliant on that client.
  6. Valkyrie

    Diablo 3 Years Later

    I occasionally return when new seasons start to play with friends, but I have no desire to play Diablo 3 on my own. I've got no nostalgic connections to Diablo 2, and I think it's a much better game overall.
  7. Valkyrie


  8. Valkyrie

    I got a bunny

  9. Valkyrie

    Everyone post your github

    I'm the same way about my projects, I'm pretty sure this is the only one I've finished. https://github.com/OracleStation/OracleStation.github.io
  10. Valkyrie

    Everyone post your github

    Yeah, doing it right now for a group of friends.
  11. Valkyrie

    Everyone post your github

    https://www.gnu.org/software/repo-criteria-evaluation.en.html#GitHub haHA absolutely no way would I ever use Shithub lmao. https://github.com/r3valkyrie
  12. Valkyrie

    The make fun of rakiru game

    shitpost machine baroque
  13. Valkyrie

    The make fun of rakiru game

    gun fuq