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  1. Gnarl

    ITT: We pretend it's the 2011-2012 forums.

    You guys are all fucking faglords- kill yourselves. Like goddamn, I haven't seen shit quality like this since the last time I ate Taco Bell. Dickheads.
  2. Good ol' Gnarl, how have you been buddy?

  3. Gnarl

    1.8 obfuscation map (~200/800 classes)

    You are an hero for this.
  4. Gnarl

    Drowning Damage.

    I'll go ahead and actually tell you what this exploit is, since the difficulty will be in you making it. Anyways, yes, its stored serverside. However, you defaultly send this certain packet at a constant rate that'll cause your air bubbles or whatever to go down. All you have to do is slow down the clock, so that the packets are sent at a much slower rate.
  5. Gnarl


    I'm going to assume you're being serious, so I'll give you a serious reply. You can be taught how to draw decently, and you may end up drawing pretty nice, but you'll never be as good as those who are naturally talented with the art of pencil-to-paper.
  6. Gnarl

    How to make a Minecraft skin.

    You may need a cure for autism instead.
  7. Gnarl

    I wonder where I've seen this GUI before.

    You just proved my point. You can't even quote.
  8. Gnarl

    anysay on an xray mod for 1.8?

    First off, I want you to drink liquid nitrogen. Second...actually, that's all.learn to eat fire.
  9. Gnarl

    I wonder where I've seen this GUI before.

    Yeah, yeah, and I've seen a couple of the retarded threads you post on there asking for help in coding something. Cool, I don't care though. I didn't leech code or anything. I haven't even started making a client yet. Cool, that makes you even more retarded.
  10. Gnarl

    I drew some fucking pictures

    How come every fucking time a thread is bumped, one to several people will remind that person of the post date, then all you retards come in and swarm it with normal posts?
  11. Gnarl


    Lemons, art, which do I like more?
  12. Gnarl


    You are now officially autistic. I'm okay with troll arguments and debates because it's either in good fun or you can get something out of it. Stupid fuck kiddie arguments are a whole different story, as they're retarded, pointless, and completely annoying. If you have a grain of sense, you would know that people who start those arguments will begin flaming because of you telling them to stop in the first place.
  13. Gnarl


    y evrybdy copy rk? :((((
  14. Gnarl


    Muffin is more than plausible as a moderator and person, and I could write a story on how awesome she is(wink).
  15. Gnarl

    C++ project ideas

    If the only language you've learned so far is java(and if you're up-to-date in programming with it), you will find languages like C++ and C# godsend compared to java. Basically, I encourage you to learn it.