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  1. Berzeinherjar

    My beliefs

    I like the idea of CHIM; where nothing i do really matters since I am a part of the universe and technically all things are connected on some level. My only god is the universe itself and I am part of the universe if that makes sense therefore any action i do is righteous as long as I will it.
  2. Berzeinherjar

    Above ground v. below ground

    tried that once but i had to burrow way into the netherack because i can't stand those ghast shrieks they're just so annoying to constantly hear Ended up with a few trees down there and some chickens then i stopped caring.
  3. Berzeinherjar

    Disgusting battlestations

    reminds me of nightly piss bottle threads...in the same spirit of that anyways. the worst thing about all that crappy beer is you just know that guy doesn't have that many IRL friends, and very few likely would want to party in such a cramped shitsty anyways so he just drinks nearly all that swill himself. downright pathetic...
  4. Berzeinherjar

    Final Fantasy XIV

    pretty much what was already said: It's showing it's age some now but there's still not much reason to switch from FF11...and that's where most of their hardcore fanbase lies and most of those peeps already have time and effort vested into their accounts there. FF14 just felt too soon and unneeded unless i'm missing some critical point as to why.
  5. Berzeinherjar

    FullMetal Alchemist

    because their universe is a literal parallel to 1920-30's europe (Amestris is the mirror timeline version of nazi Germany) you never saw the conqueror of shamballa I take it.
  6. Berzeinherjar

    Above ground v. below ground

    still not quite sure if lightning can even strike you if you're above cloud level or if the lightning ajusts itself taking players position into consideration.
  7. Berzeinherjar

    My thoughts on the iPhone 5

    unlikely as hell but it would be a great laugh if any of them actually did get held up from consumers by Samsung's patent suit.
  8. Berzeinherjar


    a little try hard sometimes but a pretty cool guy still.
  9. Berzeinherjar

    How Did You Quit Your Job

    ah, good point. Well fuck em them. Good luck finding something new...i'd look for something with consistent hours if possible (im aware just how shitty the market is) because split shifts suck donkey dicks.
  10. Berzeinherjar

    Add a Biome

    some kind of industrial biome..with smog and pipes and wires. Similar to the above mentioned city biome too Other than that i think they have most biomes covered....they just need more detail within them. Like taigas and tundras should have glaciers in them or something,
  11. Berzeinherjar

    How Did You Quit Your Job

    i would just put in my two weeks notice...well, it's what i did, but that was because my direct supervisor and coworkers were all cool people and not putting in notice at all would only have fucked with them and not the higher management that my issues laid with. If my work was unreliable or everyone was a dick to me i'd just walk the fuck out though. I'm tired of these shitty part timer jobs so i'm spending my time this and some of next month studying and exercising to get into the air force. Hope i can get into it because i really don't want to be stuck with these dead end jobs anymore. EDIT: oh shit, i almost forgot. Niiyu if you haven't already you should at least inquire about proof or a letter of termination...records go along way and you'd be surprised where you might need them. just a little tip from my experience
  12. Berzeinherjar

    Above ground v. below ground

    when im lazy and with a friend i usually end up cutting trees for a strait hour then I go out to a nice ocean or deep lake, using nearly all the wood to build a single stack tower all the way to the clouds. carefully build a platform around the pillar. Now i have a bitchin and mostly secure observation deck of cheap easy materials. I recommend making sure the water's deep where you build or at least deepen the area around your site with a shovel...i tend to fall alot while building things like that.
  13. Berzeinherjar

    For Azathoth:

    pretty good cake but a little disappointed there's no red sprinkles for the jumpers.
  14. Berzeinherjar

    S.S Dildo (Maybe NSFW) - The world's first flying dildo

    does the controller have sixaxis?
  15. Berzeinherjar


    Absolute success is mostly found among ascetic persons.