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  1. Asp4yxiat10n

    hEY guY! it a me! hulk smash noob! i smash! NOOB!

    You write like the fucking zodiac killer. Dear Editor I am the killer of the 2 teen- agers last Christmass at Lake Herman and the Girl last 4th of July. To Prove this I shall state some facts which only I + the police know Christmass 1 Brand name of ammo Super X 2 10 Shots fired 3 Boy was on back feet to car 4 Girl was lyeing on right side feet to west 4th of July 1 Girl was wearing patterned Pants 2 Boy was also shot in knee 3 Brand name of ammo was Western Here is a cyipher or that is part of one. the other 2 parts have been mailed to the S.F. Examiner + the S.F. Chronicle I want you to print this cipher on your frunt page by Fry Afternoon Aug 1-69, If you do not do this I will go on a kill ram page Fry night that will last the whole week end. I will cruse around and pick of all stray people or coupples that are alone then move on to kill some more untill I have killed over a dozen people. Ted Cruz is that you?
  2. Asp4yxiat10n

    The FCC officially votes to kill the internet

    As someone who lives where A, B and C are/were common practice and accepted and utilised in some shape or form by most Australian ISP's, D is not preferable. Data and bandwidth caps may have been and continue to be annoying and frustrating as Australia's fiber network is rolled out to replace our poorly maintained copper network, I can say its much more preferable to having the potential for certain services to be blocked and throttled because my ISP decided it was so. Do not assume to know what is preferable, especially with your constant dismissal of people's justifiable concern as being driven by "sensationalist spin" and without ever actually living in a country where those are common practice, where our copper network more commonly then not LOOKS LIKE THIS. http://delimiter.com.au/2012/05/01/worst-of-the-worst-photos-of-australias-copper-network/ Also a brief aside its almost here.
  3. Asp4yxiat10n

    The make fun of rakiru game

  4. Asp4yxiat10n

    The make fun of rakiru game

    As my good friend Rakiru has informed me, she has become bored with her moderating duties as the porn section no longer exists so his power only remains in the forum games section. To help alleviate their woes I propose we all make a game of making fun of our beloved welsh/scottish/irish/whatever using at most ten words. Rakiru is a faggot, they smell like Tony Abbott
  5. Asp4yxiat10n

    Human Nature

    This is very much non-sensical. First off, all human methodology, technology, knowledge, etc have all been a series of stepping stones, discovery leading to invention and then onto innovation or further refinement, a repeating cycle. The metaphor that is most applicable here is "Standing on the shoulders of giants". The notion that they used "limited knowledge" that was possessed by them and them alone is just wrong. Throughout the animal kingdom you see examples of learnt behaviours and methods taught, refined and executed between generations distributed over any given area. Classic example of this is Killer Whales. Hunting behaviours and techniques are almost entirely contingent on the particular area, blood line and prey of the Orca. These hunting techniques are taught by the familial unit they are in and often require years of learning[1]. Modern humans quite simply have an astronomically expanded version of inherited knowledge which we will continue to build upon. ie quantum physics. Humans didn't just happen upon concepts such as the spear, bow. If I mindwiped several hundred adult humans and dispersed them into varying sections of the Australian outback, odds are not many would survive. You can't experiment with a Taipan: This fucker right here is considered the most venomous land snakes in the world AND HE WILL RUIN YOUR FUCKING DAY. [2] Some poor bastard will get bitten, very probably die and his people will figure out sooner or later to leave the surprisingly timid death machines the fuck alone. How likely do you think it'll be that they will figure out how to make spear or even how to create a fire? That shit took countless generations to discover and master. Also taxonomy is not contingent on the average IQ, level of technology/knowledge attained by a species or your misunderstanding of how speciation works "A species is often defined as a group of individuals that actually or potentially interbreed in nature. In this sense, a species is the biggest gene pool possible under natural conditions."[3] The source I linked is actually quite informative and goes onto elaborate on phenomena such as hybrids, speciation and the like so I'd recommend it. There hasn't been significant and ongoing separation of human populations with the application of new and adverse environmental pressures for natural selection to do its bloody work, your wish to redefine the classification of homo sapiens is unnecessary and not to get overly flamey here but its just really stupid. [1] https://www.researchgate.net/publication/230729878_Development_of_intentional_stranding_hunting_techniques_in_killer_whale_Orcinus_orca_calves_at_Crozet_Archipelago [2]https://australianmuseum.net.au/inland-taipan [3]https://evolution.berkeley.edu/evolibrary/article/0_0_0/evo_41
  6. Asp4yxiat10n

    hi haha its 6 am and i cant fall asleep idk why

    Breakfast of champions, accept no substitutes.
  7. Asp4yxiat10n

    Does it?

  8. Asp4yxiat10n

    What scam have you fallen for?

    That the way to solve all the world's problem isn't by heavily investing in pussy infrastructure. Corporal Ray Person enlightened me only recently.
  9. Asp4yxiat10n

    Decided to log back in after 5 years. Re-introduction

    What is your opinion of Australia and why am I more handsome than you?
  10. Asp4yxiat10n

    A late introduction I guess

    If only, the circumstances of their disappearances are far more tragic and totally not made up at all. Stormsurge was killed in a tragic car accident several years ago.....We don't like to talk about it. Sirenfal is a Fed, don't trust anything he/they say and is a dirty rotten Trump/Putin Supporter. Don't tell that pig anything or you'll get vanned, it's what happened to Zee :( Strum4h contracted diabetes several weeks ago due to his unhealthy addition to TacoBell. His diagnosis isn't good, doctors have given him maybe a month till they have to cut off his foot. He has asked if he can keep it to make guitar picks out of his own bones. No idea where Niiyu is, she said she was going to South Korea and never heard back, though there have been reports from the Seoul police of a short brown skinned creature which has been pouncing and then violating the men of Korea. Poor short and skinny bastards never stood a chance. Also Carver is a faggot.
  11. Asp4yxiat10n

    Nostalrius / Vanilla WoW shitshow

    a) They were already having financial issues. b) There was the ability to donate, but it just wasn't easy to find so I already called bullshit from the start. c) They were about to get dropped their host because they weren't paying enough. See you're complaining about a great deal of the stuff that was implemented to appeal to casuals. If you want to do harder content that requires a bit of thought then you can pug normal or heroic, I've made plenty of friends that way. Or join a guild like I did and spend months clearing mythic content. But that being said, if blizzard honestly wanted to implement legacy servers then it might be a good idea but ultimately its at their discretion.
  12. Asp4yxiat10n

    revans global mod application