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  1. Adolf Hitler

    Any mods that can help griefing?

    Posts like this don't help. Its like saying you can't get onto the moon. It would have been a very valid statement until the US landed on the moon. Include the reasoning.... For example (but also completely made-up) You cannot spoof a name because the client gives the server a username and unique string so in order to spoof you'd need to generate the string. Just saying it can't be done is counterproductive. Also i believe krysk is saying spoofing can be done with his 'session hijacking is possible'. If the server is running in offline mode you can use anyone's name and you get their powers,stuff,everything they had it's possible on any server that has offline mode set to true and dosen't have a password protect name plugin and belive me there is a lot of them just search some hamachi servers most of them are in offline mode and vanilla. If that dosen't answer your question I will make a vid... You can even do this with something like pickaclient.
  2. Adolf Hitler

    Any mods that can help griefing?

    If the servers are in offline mode you can hack anyone's name its true....If not they aren't..
  3. Adolf Hitler

    Hello, Im Raz.

    Nah man ur just one cheap motherfucker if you really didn't buy minecraft...
  4. Adolf Hitler

    Hello, Im Raz.

    Wow you trolled jade good work...
  5. Adolf Hitler

    TAPOUT82's server

    They are NOT slaves. Fuck off and do the griefing yourself...
  6. Adolf Hitler

    Alpha as Fuck