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  1. may i ask,are u related to breadmeowfive?

  2. Breadmau5

    I am back

  3. Breadmau5

    Sexually attracted to bread?(Might not be safe for work)

    Bringing back this picture from my intro (<3 rakiru) NSFW-ish?
  4. Breadmau5

    Obligatory Downvotes

    This is about half the reason I don't post as often as I used to. I get -repped for ever post I made, good or bad. In the past was a different story though. I blamed my bad posts on my insomnia problem, which was really just me trying to cover up the fact that I fucked up. Earlier this month, I actually grew a pair of balls and did go into the shoutbox and tell everyone I fucked up. But, I don't care about my rep, it's just a shitstain on a computer screen. I'm just happy to be here. Also @Troll You're more retarded than me, you should shove your head back in your asshole.
  5. Breadmau5

    Favorite Anime Characters

    Post your favorite anime characters. Mine is Sailor Moon.
  6. Breadmau5

    Ban the User Above You

    Since I ran out of things to say, B& for being a male. #Sexism101
  7. Breadmau5

    I'm here to kick ass and pwn noobs...

    First time I've said welcome in quite a while. Welcome to the forums.
  8. Breadmau5

    Nexus 7 is on fire!

    Well, I can definitely imply that you don't like me, but no, I have plenty of friends. That hardly every happens, and I have my rep because of my... well shitposting (Which I am trying to stop). Right now, the rep I have represents how many fucks I give about it, so if someone repfucks me, I'm not even upset. OT: Nothing is perfect, I got a defective iPhone charger once. It short circuited after about 2 hours of charging my iPhone.
  9. Breadmau5

    What's your safe SENTENCE?

    Since my other thread was closed by Carver for being in the wrong section, I'll post it here as I'm told to do so. You're having sex, what's your safe word/sentence? Mine is "I want more sex :P"
  10. Breadmau5

    What's your safe word?

    Let's say you're having sex. Come up with some funny safe word to use. Mine would be "I want more sex"
  11. Breadmau5

    Avolition Lawn

    Carve it into a bush next time.
  12. Breadmau5

    The Hate Thread

    I hate Trott because Trott hates me :c
  13. Breadmau5

    Going for Gold

    Noe its a troll1! It's what he wants D:
  14. Breadmau5

    Going for Gold

    No I'm not. I fap to pictures to bread and smoke weed. Now -rep me foo.
  15. Breadmau5

    Going for Gold

    U will never beat me you dumBass little fuck!!!1!