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  1. jmlport98

    can someone delete this account please

    I know it's funny but I'd really appreciate it if you did remove this account from the website, there really isn't a reason not to. Just asking for a favor. Thanks
  2. jmlport98

    can someone delete this account please

    I need to delete my edgy 13 year old rants from existence, can an admin or mod or whoever delete this account? Thanks!
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  5. jmlport98

    Ebola Conspiracy ?

    ???????????????????????????????? This thread is fucking cancer. I literally took the time to log in to this god awful wasteland of posers and bullshitters just to post this. These forums suck so much dick I haven't been amazed enough to post why, but this, this fucking thread right here did it for me. I mean the double standard here with staff is so fucking obvious you have to be fucking mentally irregular not to notice it. This shit is exactly what I am talking about when I say these forums suck dick. Basically anything funny is taboo(unless of course a staff member posts it, upvote for everyone guys!) and we get bullshit filler like this. THESE FORUMS ARE BORING AS FUCK. I'd rather watch paint dry. And your font choices for "ebola" and "I" make me angry. Gee, let's upvote the fuck out of this post for stating an obvious fact! Hey guys, 2+2=4, can I have upvotes now?!?!?!?1111111 just shut the fuck up Do you seriously think the republican leaders are spreading these rumors? Don't get me wrong I am sure they are doing sinister things but the picture people like you paint of politicians is so grossly generalized and stereotypical I think of people saying "Let's convince people Obama and the democrats want to spread Ebola in America! MUAHAHAHAHA" -insert all of eon's posts here- Nice double standard fucktwat. I thought shitposting was against the rules. I think the AVO forums motto should be "Do as I say not as I do" Do you even know anything about politics? There's this little thing called CONGRESS that passes laws. Stop blaming one person for the mistakes of many. And by the way, he was elected so if anything its the people who should be blamed not him. my commentary is in bold:
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    No problem!
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    That's not very nice... no bubble gum for you. Of course good sir! Here you go:
  8. jmlport98


    Hey guys, how you doing? I've been away from awhile. School, shit like that. Well I finally found some time to relax and sit down, got a nice roll of bubble tape here. Anyone want some?
  9. jmlport98

    I'm sorry, but I have to post about Bieber

    He thinks he's untouchable, it pisses me off so much.
  10. jmlport98

    Niiyu Needed: Obama's plan to raise the Minimum Wage to $10.10

    According to this logic, if we made minimum wage $10,000 everyone would be rich. This idea is stupid imo
  11. jmlport98

    Am I the only one irked by this?

  12. jmlport98

    Mr UnknownGamer

  13. jmlport98