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  1. widd

    League of Legends Runes - 2018

    haha bronze step 1. klepto, cosmic insight, magical footwear, futures market step 2. nasus step 3. win all games
  2. widd

    spacing, which do you prefer of these two?

    i put space between operators and variables but other things (like organizational parentheses) i keep together with no spacing basically i ask myself "if it were a written english sentence, would I do it?" hence equations like a * b are spaced (read as a times b), but parantheses are not because they are not spoken or read and are therefore formatting
  3. widd

    hi haha its 6 am and i cant fall asleep idk why

    i feel great sorrow for those in this thread that cannot enjoy the simplicity of a bottled Coca Cola and turn to inferior sinful drinks you will burn in hell for ingesting Mountain Dew
  4. widd

    yeah ive been in it

    hi donut
  5. widd

    yeah ive been in it

    this guy chucks heat
  6. widd

    yeah ive been in it

    been around it left it now back in it not new, just posting this to up my total sin count and also because i dont remember if i ever posted one
  7. on second thought just follow this advice instead
  8. language features like static variables and classes are there to facilitate development in a way you can organize while making everything static and just doing lots of boolean checks may seem easier at the start it quickly becomes harder to maintain as you add more code and features to answer questions posed in the topic title: object oriented programming is supposed to cut away a lot of that so you don't have to rewrite the same thing a million times you can get pretty much any level of abstraction you want out of it but most people opt for something _sane_ "public static" or "static" in general isn't necessarily bad either, but it depends on what you're doing access keywords are there to help people know what they should and shouldn't do given your code - you could make everything public if you damn well please, but if you want to keep some sort of internal state tracked and _never_ modified outside of its own scope of responsibility, you'd want that to be private (to tell people to fuck off) personally for some sort of tool like this I would probably make the settings its own special class and make one static instance of it, so I know it is ever present but, for example, if you want to have settings profiles that you can switch between, you may want to change this as you wouldnt have a single "static" object that tracks settings
  9. widd

    MineShock Reborn

    Ignoring all aspects of the origins of the gametype, its current state makes it interesting enough of a challenge even as a single person (similar to adventure maps or things like that). Because of the way spawn chance is written, it creates raid/dungeon-esque areas that continuously get harder as you get into them (we didn't even do this on purpose). I wandered into a hotel during a playtest one time and had to parkour my way out because Nitro Splicers were blowing up multiple floors about halfway up the building. I'll also be adding some screencaps of gameplay/the map to this post in a bit.
  10. widd

    MineShock Reborn

    Signing in for the first time in eons to post on this. The original thread can be found here. I had stopped working on it for quite some time as I had lost some direction with it; but the new rewrite is fantastic and STILL not dead yet! All functionality has been implemented from every previous version and there are lots of new changes. I even have the logo PSD file :^) I know there were a handful of people who were very enthusiastic about this, and hopefully still are. The testing server is open to all and will have a set minimum for games in case me or ZKM aren't online tweaking things. Information can be given in PM, just hit up me or ZKM.
  11. widd

    [Quake3] Mind numbingly good strafejumpers

    too much for zblock OT: The world would end before I could do that on quake.
  12. widd


    This thread is terrible and Dojo is correct. The short version: While it was bullshit, it was not illegal.
  13. widd

    Murder miners coming to steam greenlight

    This looks like LFD2, Minecraft, Doom, and Ace of Spades had a baby.
  14. widd

    You Laugh, You Lose. Round V

    TELEGRAM FOR YOU, SIR. OT: That one fucking killed me.