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    Good multiplayer FPSes

    How old are you? Please go to bed. Theres a 60/40 chance that opinionated arguments are either 2 people too arrogant to let anyone have a opinion, or one person too arrogant to let other people have a opinion and someone trolling them. Fighting on the internet is like running in the special olympics. Even if you win, your still retarded.
  2. Gam3rzRus2

    Total Miner

    WTF is wrong with you.
  3. Gam3rzRus2


  4. Gam3rzRus2

    Troll in here

  5. Gam3rzRus2

    Does History Repeat itself?

    This thread is getting out of hand (I hear the void is getting lonely).
  6. Gam3rzRus2

    Estimated cost for computer

    and if you want to play with freinds (if you want this instead of mumble) ventrillo.
  7. Gam3rzRus2


    Not bieng an ass or anything, but don't skip spelling and grammer class.
  8. Gam3rzRus2

    Dis Topic

    I hear the void is fealing lonely, so is your post.
  9. Gam3rzRus2

    Grieving for Team aVo!

    Did I say I was in aVo.
  10. Gam3rzRus2

    Good multiplayer FPSes

    This. You got a new profile pic and are now an agent of destruction. Nice.
  11. Gam3rzRus2

    Grieving for Team aVo!

    Yes, but aVo wont tell you, because they have alt accts.
  12. Gam3rzRus2


    So gtfo ElectricEye was here first.
  13. Gam3rzRus2


    Clever thread title, you even trolled Krysk, I'm impressed. no need to be impressed, i wasn't the original poster i just replied to him (notice the RE:) but since krysk banned him it just made me the original thread creator by default since i was the second post In other words the website trolled krysk and ElfLeaderMike.
  14. Gam3rzRus2

    Just some stuff ive done in PS

    Does it matter?