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  1. Risingbreak

    What time do you go to bed?

    11 PM - 1 AM. Sometimes earlier than that depending on what I do the following day and/or if i feel like staying up.
  2. Risingbreak

    Diablo 3 Years Later

    If that's the case, I'll have to pick up Grim Dawn at some point. Just reading the Steam store page for it shows off quite the array of content and mechanics.
  3. Risingbreak

    Diablo 3 Years Later

    There hasn't been a D3 post here since 2014, and since the game's had many updates and one new character class since RoS released, what's everyone's opinion on the game nowadays? I haven't played for months, and the Necromancer pack didn't interest me enough at the time to purchase it. I just got burnt out on adventure mode after running bounties and rifts for what felt like ages.
  4. Risingbreak

    The FCC officially votes to kill the internet

    As someone who doesn't live in the United States, All I've really done is sat back and watched. It's been interesting to see the statements from both people who say we need NN or else, and those who say that this isn't "true" NN and that everything will be fine. Only time will tell. Although I must confess I mostly stopped paying attention due to Reddit endlessly screaming that it's the end of the fucking world.
  5. Risingbreak

    Fortnite Developer Epic Games Suing Cheaters

    I understand that the lawsuit mostly has to do with the DMCA counter claim on this kids video where he demonstrated said cheats, but does epic games really need to take it this far? It's already been said, but just ban him. Epic games appears to actively trying to make an example out of this kid to deter others, when you could just fucking ban them. Do they really think actively trying to sue a 14 year old is going to go down well from a PR standpoint? Well, considering all the fucking bellends in the comments section of both the article and the video calling for this kid's head, I might be wrong on the PR thing.
  6. Risingbreak

    What scam have you fallen for?

    Buying currency for a F2P game from a 3rd party site at a reduced price, only to have said game suspend my account a month later until my balance stops being a negative value. So much for my clan-mates constantly shouting at me how "legit" it was. They stopped that when they got suspended as well. I have yet to buy back in.
  7. Well, as of now, the game is still a technical goddamn mess. Poor performance, bad netcode, and still far too many bugs. There's also some balance issues regarding certain champions like Doomguy. It's still very lean on content (no bots, not that many maps, etc.) In regards to what Sirenfal mentioned, community content and silly game modes almost seem like a pipe dream at this point, considering "Esports" is all the goddamn rave now. it's getting to the point where the game may be toast before it's even properly released, where the negative press can't just be attributed to us "annoying purists" who are mad cause it's different. I don't want it to get to that point, but that's where it looks like it's heading.
  8. Risingbreak

    Star Wars Battlefront II Multiplayer back online

    I probably will. At least now it doesn't seem like EA and Disney are trying to actively erase the originals from existence. It's a nice gesture on it's own.
  9. Risingbreak

    Trying to Remember an Episode

    Rice Think Episode 1. The offical video has audio sync issues due to the copyright prompted re-upload. The "Bru's Reuploads" channel Gam3rzRus mentioned has a version with the original audio.
  10. Risingbreak

    Raid: WW2

    Played it for a few hours, some things i enjoy, other things i dislike. Didn't really like the character system, although that may change at launch depending on just how many guns you're locked out of due to it. The warcrys are mostly uninteresting. I liked the change to the health system where you just have one HP bar instead of armor and health, which ties into the addition of various health items placed in crates around the level, as well as drops from enemies. it compliments the hectic high enemy count better. I hope RAID turns out to be a good game, but i can't help but feel long time Payday 2 players (myself included) will feel that the game is just too similar in payday 2 in terms of the engine, gameplay and reused assets to be interested in it for very long. Most people look at RAID and think, "This is just a PD2 total conversion mod, why is this a full game"
  11. Risingbreak

    Where are you now in relation to when you joined the forum

    Back in 2012 I was just starting high school and had a PC that couldn't even run minecraft at more than 20 fps. It was through Avo videos that got I into minecraft, and subsequently using mods for various games. Looking back on it i realize i knew basically nothing about computers besides really basic actions. Throughout the years I taught myself more and more about PCs and generally how they work, and even chose to learn some very simple programming skills. Because i was shy (and somewhat still am) i basically just lurked to the point of being inactive. About a month ago i decided to log back into my account after re-watching old aVo videos. Now I'm almost 19 and currently in college to become a paralegal. Hopefully I'll be getting my full drivers licence very soon. I'll Always have Avolition to thank for sparking my interest in computers, thus making me a knowledgeable PC gamer.
  12. While this isn't related to the game directly, the use of the Bethesda launcher cripples it. Not only because it isn't on steam (with no news whether or not it will be) but because the launcher itself is really bad. downloads and patches break it all the time. Also: Big Esports tournaments being played on a game in beta which still has bad net code and many bugs. Purely a marketing tactic IMO.
  13. Risingbreak

    say something nice about the person above you's avatar

    The forehead is very expressive.
  14. Risingbreak

    For Honor

    watched a ton of game play around launch, but I was waiting for a free weekend to try it out. Guess I'll start downloading it then.
  15. I sometimes reply in the shoutbox, other then that i just look around. kind of compensating for the years i didn't.